Zeke   Zabinski   ’18

Zeke Zabinski ’18

Undergraduate Student

“Being here [at Babson] has encouraged me to try new experiences.”
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Massachusetts, United States
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Why I Chose Babson

I’ve always had the idea of owning my own business someday, and it’s because of my dad. When I was young, he quit his job and bought a tractor-trailer rental and repair shop even though he knew nothing about tractor-trailers. I could tell how happy he was with the freedom that came from being his own boss, and it really left an impact on me. So, even though I loved baseball and imagined going pro as a kid, I came to Babson to learn to be an entrepreneur.

How Babson Has Impacted My Career Development

I realized after my freshman year that I don’t need to concentrate in entrepreneurship to learn how to think like an entrepreneur—entrepreneurial thinking is integrated into all my classes. I see the goal of entrepreneurship as trying to solve problems in the most effective way possible, and by concentrating in accounting and finance, I’m developing skills that will help me calculate and consider the risks I will take as an entrepreneur.

What I’ve Learned About Myself at Babson

Before I came to Babson, I would have described myself as a hard-working athlete who mostly stayed in my comfort zone and kept to my close group of friends, but being here has encouraged me to try new experiences. While I enjoyed my two years playing varsity baseball, now I’m trying to take advantage of all the opportunities available to me before I graduate. Transitioning from athletics into my job as an admissions fellow has been very rewarding. I feel focused having a job on campus, and working in admissions has made me better understand what I hope to get out of Babson and how lucky I am to be here. I get to talk to prospective students who have worked hard their entire lives to be in the position I am in, and hearing from them reminds me to not take anything for granted.