Twenty Female Chefs and Business Owners Attended Inaugural Five-Day Intensive Training Initiative

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Babson College hosted the James Beard Foundation’s (JBF) inaugural class of 20 female chefs and business owners at the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (WEL) program on September 10-15, 2017. Developed with and hosted at Babson College, the new initiative aims to help female chefs and owners grow their businesses by cultivating women’s leadership in the culinary industry.

“In just one week, these inspirational female chefs and restaurant owners identified new opportunities for growth, pitched plans to expand their businesses, and learned invaluable skills and industry strategies necessary for success,” says Candida Brush, F.W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Vice Provost of Global Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson. “Through the WEL program, the women acquired increased competencies, connections, and confidence to achieve their big dreams.”

The first class of 20 WEL graduates from across the country are:

"Our Foundation has made promoting diversity and women in leadership in the food and restaurant business a priority. Although women make up 50 percent of culinary school graduates, only 19 percent of executive chefs are female, and even fewer own their restaurants," said Susan Ungaro, president of the James Beard Foundation, in announcing the program last month. "The successful launch of our first class of JBF Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership fellows was a satisfying and transformative opportunity for the 20 women who participated. They left feeling empowered and inspired to grow their businesses successfully and pass on some of their learning to others who can benefit.” 

The WEL curriculum addressed advanced business and finance concerns related to entrepreneurship and expansion, as well as provide gender-specific training and leadership development. An emphasis on work/life balance and other cultural issues were part of the program. In addition to the Babson curriculum, JBF’s Women in Entrepreneurial Leadership Program will administer a group of mentors who agree to provide expertise and career development support to the participants on an ongoing basis once they leave the program. In-person meetings and webinars will be held throughout the year in order to grow the network of women leaders across the country.

“These amazing women left the week with the skills that will allow them not only to scale their food business, but also to enhance their employees’ lives,” says Victoria Sassine, Faculty Co-Director and Lecturer in Finance and Entrepreneurship at Babson. “Increasing revenue and cash flow enables socio-economic benefits for their employees: higher pay, healthcare benefits, and opportunities for staff advancements.  Educating 20 entrepreneurs will have a three-fold positive economic impact across the country, from Wasilla, AK to Orlando, FL.”

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