Advisory Board

Karen Chandor M’74, Director, CIO Outsourcing, Hammond Associates

Stephen Cutler M’61, President, Portfolio Manager & Managing Principal, Essex Investment Management Company, LLC

Chip Dickson ’74 M’76, CFA, Director of Research and Strategist, DISCERN

Bruce Herring ’87, Chief Investment Officer, Global Asset Allocation, Fidelity Investments

Rebekah Irion ’05, AVP - Training Specialist, Moody's Investors Service

Carleton (Carl) F. Kilmer M’69, Partner, Accenture (Retired)

Kathryn D. Karlic ’76, CFA, Senior Vice President, TIAA-CREF

Harold Kotler ’65, Partner, CEO, CIO, Gannett, Welsh & Kotler (GW&K Investment Management)

David Lamere ’82, former President, Private Wealth Management, Asset Management, Fidelity Investments

Robert Leerink 90, Senior Managing Director, Head of Institutional Equities, Leerink Partners

Jeff Mortimer ’86, Director, Investment Strategy, BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Jason Orlosky ’04, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Barclays Wealth Management

Annabelle Reid M’86, Founder, FoxMoor Capital

Rick Spillane, Lecturer, Babson College; former DOR, U.S. Equity Research, Fidelity Investments

David Thompson M’71, Managing Director, Highmount Capital

Jurrien Timmer ’85, Director of Global Macro, Fidelity Investments

Catherine Friend White M’86, Founder, Finarc, LLC; Managing Director, Golden Seeds; (Chairperson)

Mark Williams M'04, Senior Vice President, Brown Brothers Harriman

From left to right: Cutler Center Faculty Director Ryan Davies, board member Harold Kotler, board member Stephen Cutler, board member David Thompson, board member Annabelle Reid, board member Jason Orlosky, board member Rick Spillane, board member Kathryn Karlic, Cutler Center Managing Director Mark D'Annolfo, board member Jeff Mortimer

From left to right: Cutler Center Managing Director Mark D’Annolfo, board member Rick Spillane, Finance Division Chair Michael Goldstein, Board Chairperson  Catherine White, Cutler Center Faculty Director Ryan Davies, Trustee and board member Carl Kilmer, board member Anabelle Reid, Executive in Residence Warren Johnson