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Fireside Chat with Bill Cummings

Bill Cummings, real estate mogul, entrepreneur and philanthropist, sat down with Lecturer Paul Griesmer to offer keen insights, cautionary observations, and the pioneering thinking that produced great prosperity and a multibillion-dollar enterprise.


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Conscious Capitalism Distinguished Speaker Series: Ron Shaich, Founder and Chairman, Panera Bread

After decades building Panera Bread into the most successful fast-casual restaurant chain in the industry, Ron Shaich shocked many when he announced that he was taking the company private in July 2017. He explains why he took this step, and what we must do to counteract the extremely damaging short-termism and narrow agendas that now permeate our capital markets.


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Babson Finance Conference: The Future of FinTech

As a leader in finance education, the Cutler Center hosted the 10th annual Babson Finance Conference, formerly known as the BIMA Conference, in Boston. Babson alums and FinTech leaders discussed The Future of FinTech, including the latest in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

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