​​​​​Evidence of Funding

Before the Glavin Office can issue you a Form I-20 (for F-1 status) or a Form DS-2019 (for J-1 status) you must demonstrate sufficient funding that covers the cost of your studies​ at Babson.

Total program expenses as indicated in the Form I-20/Form DS-2019 Request may differ from total expenses listed elsewhere, as the ISSS amount includes additional costs for international students, including international travel. The ISSS amount will be printed on your Form I-20/Form DS-2019 and will be used by the U.S. embassy or consular officer to determine if you have adequate documented funding for your program. To avoid processing delays, be sure the funding evidence you provide to ISSS meets the minimum amount for your program, as indicated in the Form I-20/Form DS-2019 Request.  

New F-1 Students:  Funding equal to the total expenses (including living expenses) for one year of study at Babson must be demonstrated. Note: we must be reasonably assured that funding will continue duration of your studies at Babson.  

New J-1 Students & Scholars:  Funding equal to the total expenses for their entire program of stay at Babson must be demonstrated.

Students Requesting an Extension of​ their F-1/J-1 Status:  Funding to cover expenses for the extended period of time must be demonstrated.  If you are unsure how much funding to show, email isss@babson.edu.

Dependent Expenses: If you will be accompanied in the U.S. by a spouse or child(ren) in F-2/J-2 dependent immigration status, you must demonstrate additional funding to cover their expenses in the U.S. Visit our page​ on dependent family members for more information.

The Glavin Office will accept these documents:

  • Bank statements/letters* (see specifications below)
  • Scholarship/award letters from Babson
  • Scholarship letters from your home country school or government
  • Sponsorship/award letters from a company
  • Approved loan documents

All documents provided must be in English and must verify the amount of liquid funds (money that can be withdrawn at any time without restriction) available to cover your studies in the U.S. 

* Bank statements/letters must include:

  • Date (issued within the past six months)
  • Name(s) of the bank account holder** 

   View Bank Letter template (pdf)

   View example Bank Letter.pdf
** If the bank account holder(s) is not the student:

  • Each bank account holder must provide a sponsor statement to verify that these funds are available for the student’s study in the U.S. 
  • Sponsors must sign the sponsor statement by hand. Electronic signatures will not be accepted

   ​View Sponsor Statement template (pdf)

   View example Sponsor Statement.pdf

Applying for an F/J visa?

Be prepared to present all of the documents above to the  U.S. consulate/embassy to which you are applying. Consult the consulate/ embassy website for any additional requirements regarding funding documentation.

If you have any questions about funding documentation, please email isss@babson.edu.