Corporate Custom Programs

Drive growth and innovation through entrepreneurial leadership.

Babson College’s mission is to teach entrepreneurial leaders everywhere how to make a real-world impact. Entrepreneurial leaders move teams through change and disruption, navigating through uncertainty and recognizing growth opportunities. Babson Executive Education helps organizations drive growth and innovation by developing entrepreneurial leaders across industries.

Our custom programs are co-created learning journeys that offer interactive ways for groups, led by our world-renowned faculty, to develop forward-looking platforms and redesigned business strategies. Take advantage of our immersive learning environment to energize your team and give them the tools, frameworks and practical experience they need to take action at your company. Dive deeper ↓

Who Should Participate

Our programs serve groups from organizations around the world across a diverse group of industries. Our custom programs include C-suite executives, management teams, emerging leaders, physicians, and client distribution partners. Read more about our clients »

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How the Program Is Designed

Organizations across industries have diverse objectives and challenges, which is why our team will work with you to co-create a program that—from development to delivery and post-program follow-up—is designed to provide relatable and thought-provoking strategies, tools and frameworks.

Each custom program is led by a faculty director focused on understanding your company’s needs. They will select knowledgeable faculty members, and design a curriculum tailored to your group’s unique goals.

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How Your Group Will Learn

We believe participants need to have an active role in our programs. Through short workshops or weeklong classroom-based sessions, we can incorporate simulations, projects, 1 on 1 or peer coaching, field experiences, and company visits and speakers into a learning journey that will produce measureable results. Programs can take place at the Babson campus or any location around the world. We also will assess how technology can help the learning experience based on your objectives, offering face-to-face, blended, or virtual formats.

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Who Your Team Will Learn From

Your faculty director will handpick relevant faculty members to facilitate lively discussions and learning environments that will address your business objectives and challenges.

Babson faculty have held executive leadership roles in corporations, are founders of research consortiums, and are award-winning book authors. 

They combine their real-world experience with active academic research to teach engaging programs that are actionable and current.

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What Your Group Will Take Away

Our programs are designed so that participants can immediately implement what they have learned upon return to work. Our programs have identified redesigned business strategies that anticipate future breakthrough growth opportunities for organizations and have inspired high potential leaders to influence an inclusive culture of innovation and agility. 

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