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Meeting Your Needs

Babson Executive Education puts our clients’ needs at the core of our business

We work with you to determine your needs, and only then begin developing a solution that often goes beyond education alone.

Using a consultative approach and a foundation of research, we serve our corporate clients by:

  • Critically assessing needs
  • Identifying integrated solutions: education, consulting, coaching, and research
  • Delivering solutions through programs, processes, services
  • Following up to ensure solutions meet current and future needs

Our capabilities create and advance the leadership, strategy, and business insight and skills of our clients and their employees.


Capability Overview​ Capability Specifics​ Key Client Outcomes​
Business & Management Foundations​ Creating a sound understanding of the dynamics of business and the marketplace​ ​ Customized and integrated capabilities based on specific client needs​ ​ Move beyond functional to business expertise​
Strategic Management of the Organization​ Leveraging strategic thinking and innovative processes for managing the organization as a system​ Apply a strategic framework for organizational management​
Innovative Leadership​ Setting the course for the organization through innovative leadership​ Develop leaders who champion growth and value creation​