Education for Educators

At Babson, we believe we can positively change the world through entrepreneurship education.

As the renowned leader in entrepreneurship education, we launched our Symposia for Entrepreneurship Educators (SEE) to teach educators from institutions around the globe. Since 1984, we have trained over 3,200 academics and entrepreneurs from 750 academic institutions, government organizations, and foundations in 68 countries, to teach entrepreneurship combining theory and practice to tens of thousands of students each year.

Our Symposia for Entrepreneurship Educators programs include:

Open Enrollment Program

Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators

Our flagship program is held each winter and spring on Babson’s campus to build an international cadre of educators who understand the importance of combining entrepreneurship theory and practice in teaching. Cross-disciplinary educators from around the world are invited to attend Price-Babson SEE.

Custom Programs

Our customized programs are hosted on multiple occasions throughout the year at institutions around the world.

Modules for Entrepreneurship Educators

A comprehensive and customizable suite of six learning modules designed to prepare an institution’s educators to effectively teach entrepreneurship. Babson consults closely with colleges, universities, and other academic institutions to design and deliver modules that meet unique needs and capabilities.

Symposia for Entrepreneurship Educators

These programs provide regional entrepreneurial growth and economic development through entrepreneurship education. Babson strategically partners with academic institutions, governments, corporations, and foundations to deliver SEE programs that stimulate growth and value creation on an institutional, regional, and national level.

SEE Asia

Teaching Entrepreneurial Thought & Action is a 12-day program designed by Babson senior faculty members to assist leading business school professors from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore in meeting the global demand for entrepreneurship education to prepare the current and future generations for a new world that demands entrepreneurial activity more than ever.​​​