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Babson Insight for Entrepreneurship Educators

Babson Insight for Entrepreneurship Educators is a unique source of thought leadership by Babson College.

The newsletter explores Entrepreneurship of All Kinds,® including recent research and cutting-edge pedagogies in entrepreneurship education. “Alumni Watch” is a section which explores great things being done by SEE alumni. The newsletter’s guiding theme is Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® because we firmly believe entrepreneurial leadership extends beyond startup ventures and can positively influence everything from Fortune 500 companies to social enterprises.

Spring 2013

Angelo Santinelli

How to Approach Investors 101 »
By Angelo Santinelli

OK, so you’ve spent weeks (or months) in the classroom talking to your students about the hard analytical work they need to do before making a pitch. For instance, you’ve discussed the intricacies of conducting a feasibility analysis on whether the proposed product solves a large problem, whether there’s a growing market, and whether there are barriers to entry. But, what do you teach your students about the next step of approaching investors? Entrepreneurship students need to know that making this step requires a thoughtful plan and approach as well. After all, not all investors are the same. They often seek to invest different amounts or to invest only in certain types of technologies. Their outcome expectations vary a lot, too.

Heidi Neck

Five Practices of Entrepreneurs Inside and Out »
By Heidi Neck

All people can learn to think and act entrepreneurially and do so in various contexts. However, our current definitions of entrepreneurship are fostered by an ongoing rhetoric. Today’s narrative mythologizes super heroes—entrepreneurs who are born, not made; geniuses with the brilliant idea working alone in the garage; stars achieving fame and unimaginable fortune literally overnight. They’re fearless, iconic, and irreplaceable. Their celebrity status so well-known around the world, we call them by name.

Sherwyn Millette

Addressing a Nation’s Needs and Priorities with Entrepreneurship Education: A Look at COSTAATT »
By Sherwyn Millette

Like many other countries around the world, Trinidad and Tobago is trying to find its niche in a rapidly growing global community. This reality is further impacted by the fact that it is a developing twin island nation with a population of 1.3 million people. As far as markets go this is small, especially considering the size of global markets.

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