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Developing Entrepreneurial Insights with Pimento Maps

By Cedric Donck, SEE Alumnus

Pimento Map is a free methodology that enables users to analyze and validate business models. Based on a series of 18 questions, it allows entrepreneurs, coaches, or investors to evaluate the true interest of pursuing a business idea. By means of a specific algorithm, the method generates a personalized, 18-page report with a significant amount of insight and advice on how the business model can be improved.

In our experience, Pimento Map also is a highly useful tool for entrepreneurship teachers. For example, it is an ideal complement to courses in Business Model Canvas. After summarizing the entrepreneurial concept with the Business Model Canvas, Pimento Map assists the project developers in determining whether they should pursue the idea or change their orientation. It highlights the business model’s strong and weak points, analyzes market timing and emphasizes the short-, mid- and long-term opportunities. Moreover, as a breakout or homework exercise, it only takes a few minutes for students to complete.

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Cedric Donck

About the Author

Cedric Donck is an experienced entrepreneur who, during the last 20 years, has launched various startups in the Internet and communication industry. He is a member of Solvay Business School where he teaches entrepreneurship.

He is the author of the book Pimento Map, published in 2013, which presents a model that enables entrepreneurs to assess their business model’s chance of success.


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