​Mental Health Promotion

Being well emotionally and mentally is just as important as physical health for college students. Wellness & Prevention services provides information, education, and prevention initiatives for a range of mental health topics including sleep, stress and resiliency. 

Meditation Voicemail

Call Babson’s guided meditation voicemail at 781-239-REST next time you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or having trouble falling asleep. It will take you through a meditation of your choice to help you feel grounded, calm, or prepared for what’s next. 


Finding hard to sleep at Babson? Drop by Reynolds 137 or the Wellness Center for a sleep kit complete with an eye mask, ear plugs, and tea! Consultations with a staff member are also available to discuss how to improve your sleep hygiene. 
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Stress is a normal response to the demands and pressures we experience in life. Some stress can be helpful and motivate us to meet deadlines and perform, but too much stress carried for too long, however, can be harmful and impact our ability to function.

Grit & Resiliency: This six-week training, developed at Cornell University, prepares students to meet life’s challenges and overcome hardship while at Babson and throughout their lives. The interactive course assists students in discovering their mission and purpose, strengthening social connectedness, developing self-awareness, and cultivating attention and focus. Sessions typically start the second month of each semester and undergraduates will be notified of how to apply. 

Relaxation tools such as coloring books, fidget sticks, and silly putty are available in the Wellness Center. Stop by during office hours to pick one up.

Take a free, confidential, and anonymous online mental health screening. The screening tool provides feedback, information, and resources related to a range of concerns, including anxiety and depression to substance use, eating concerns, and trauma. For more on Babson’s counseling services, click here.