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Special Interest Communities

Students living in special interest housing have the opportunity to share in experiences with students who enjoy similar interests and lifestyles. Residence Life is open to suggestions about expanding and improving our special interest housing program, and invite you to contact us with your thoughts.

Current Communities

Entrepreneurial “E” Tower

Community Manager: Christina Gee

Advisor: Caroline Daniels

“E” Tower is the first Special Interest Housing organization to start on campus. This group of students is passionate about developing business ideas though the network of peers living in the tower. The tower is the heart of entrepreneurship in action at the College.

Healthy-Living Tower

Community Manager: Jessica Bollman

Advisor: Chuck Winrich

The Healthy-Living Tower (H-Tower) is a special-interest tower dedicated to the core ideals of healthy living and community outreach. Our programs are focused on giving back to Babson and local communities, and on developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of everyday life. The H-Tower is a living environment dependent on community response and accountability, all while maintaining a substance-free lifestyle. “Being a catalyst for positive change, action, and responsibility is what we’re all about. Come see how!”

ONE Tower: Origins of Necessary Equality

Community Manager: Manny Whitfield

Advisor: Tina Opie

Origins for Necessary Equality (ONE) aims to promote an environment where individuals from various origins can come together and share once-in-a-lifetime experiences in a community that supports each member and the culture that he/she represents. The community as a whole can then embark on a journey together to create new memories through living and learning in an academic community while giving back to Babson through various events and programs. ONE recognizes the value of a helping hand, and is committed to furthering this reciprocal action through its commitment to community service.

Women Giving Back

Community Manager: Emma Rogers

Advisor: Mary Godwyn

Women Giving Back brings women together who are looking to help others and dedicate themselves to the community in their free time. Women Giving Back participates in community service activities both on and off campus. Members take pride in the extreme dedication of serving the same two off-campus group homes once a week, as well a participating in many on-campus service activities. This organization is made up of intelligent, genuine, unassuming women who focus on providing service learning opportunities that are both impactful and memorable.

Pride Tower

Community Manager: Nicholas Gordon

Advisor: Kevin Bruyneel

Pride Tower aimes to be a supportive space of gender and sexuality activism and advocacy on campus. As an affiliate of Pride Alliance (formerly Prism), Babson's LGBTQ & Ally student organization, Pride Tower upholds the mission statement of Pride Alliance.

Professional Development & Leadership Community

Community Manager: Shatiek Gatlin

Advisor: Donna Stoddard

The Professional Development & Leadership Community has a mission to create professional, well-connected leaders who will impact the Babson community and beyond. The community is focused on the five pillars of professionalism, networking, leadership, career development, and ethics.