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Living Learning Communities

Babson College prides itself on its distinctive living-learning communities.

These communities are student-proposed and offered living spaces based upon a yearly reapplication process. Each community has a faculty or staff advisor who assists the communities in their development. Additionally, student Community Managers are designated to serve as a liaison between their community and the Office of Residence Life.

Special Interest Communities were developed by Residence Life and students to enhance the living-learning atmosphere in our residence halls. These options have been very popular with students, and reflect communities where students feel ownership and camaraderie with their fellow residents. Students living in special interest housing have the opportunity to share in experiences with students who enjoy similar interests and lifestyles.

Resident Assistants, Area Directors, and faculty and staff members are a part of the special interest housing program to lend additional support to programs and needs that are unique to these communities. Residence Life is open to suggestions about expanding and improving our special interest housing program, and invite you to contact us with your thoughts.​