Managing Spam

Postini Configuration

Logging In

To log in to Postini go to
Enter your Babson email address (including the and your Babson password.

Message Center

When you log in you are brought to the Message Center. From here you can adjust your Postini settings, delete messages, or deliver messages to your Babson inbox.

Delivering an email

To view a message in the message center, just click on the subject line in the Message Center.   You can then either remove the message or deliver it to your mailbox.
If you chose to deliver the mail, you will be presented with the option to approve the sender. This is helpful if you expect a large amount of mail from this address. Please be careful with this, as it means that no mail from this address will be filtered for SPAM.

Postini Settings

Messages are filtered as SPAM based on four criteria. You can adjust how aggressive each filter is by selecting one of the choices from Lenient to Aggressive and clicking Save Changes. Each filter starts out at the middle setting by default.
You can add an email address to the Approved Senders list if you do not want messages from that address to be filtered as SPAM.

You can also add an email address to the Blocked Senders list if you would like that address to always be filtered as SPAM.

​Managing Spam