​Adding a Network Printer

These steps only apply for Babson computers on the Babson Network.
To add a network printer, go to the J: Drive and look for the Network Printer Folder.

Once you open the Network Printer Folder, choose the building that you are in.

Then, right click on the printer that you need to install and select Connect.

There may be a delay of about 20 to 30 seconds, but then you will then see a Windows Installation pop up, which means that the printer is installing. After that dissappears, you are able to use the printer.
To verify that the printer has added you can check the Devices and Printers Menu.
In Windows 7, click on the start button, and then choose Devices and Printers.
In Windows 8, select the windows logo (in the lower left of the screen).

And then start typing Devices and Printers and the option will automatically show up.