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Ira   Farber  

Lecturer of Science

Academic Division
Ira Farber, Full Time Lecturer of Science, was a member of Polaroid’s Vision Research Laboratory and conducted studies in adaptive signal processing. Subsequently, he joined Ortho Diagnostic Systems, Inc. as a Senior Scientist working in the area of flow cytometry and its application to medical instrumentation. He then turned his attention to the field of optical computing and served as vice president of Optron Systems, Inc. managing R&D contracts funded by the Department of Defense, NASA, DARPA, NSF and NIH. Returning to academia, Dr. Farber held the position of Associate Director of the Rosenstiel Basic Medical Research Center at Brandeis University. He has published in the fields of electro-optics, biophysics and neuroscience and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Harvard, Brandeis and WPI.