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​​Student Consulting Projects

Under the direction of a Babson faculty advisor, teams of three to seven students use Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills to tackle an organization’s real challenges in real time and create value-added solutions.

Babson Consulting Alliance Program

A highlight of the first-year MBA curriculum at Babson is BCAP—The Babson Consulting Alliance Program.


students per team


partner organizations per academic year


project timeline

As both a second semester, for-credit course and a field experience, BCAP brings together and underscores Babson’s unique approach to Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®.

Management Consulting Field Experience

The Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) is an elective course that students may take in any of the four MBA programs: One-Year, Two-Year, Evening, and Blended Learning.

The structure of the course allows students to work in a team outside of the classroom on real-world challenges.

Partner organizations submit an organizational challenge, and are selected by students based on their matching interests.


students per team


partner organizations per academic year

7- & 14-week

project timelines

Global Connections through Technology

This seven-week project offering is a core course in all four MBA programs and is a collaborative partnership between the graduate students and a startup company or small- to medium-sized organization in need of technology solutions. The students create a technology plan for each client which often focuses on but is not limited to:

  • Identification of key new technologies for operational improvements
  • Website design and/or suggested modifications to the current website
  • Information technology analytics
  • Social media/digital marketing strategies


students per team


partner organizations per academic year


project timeline

Managing the Consulting Experience

Managing the Consulting Experience is an elective course, which offers MBA students the unique opportunity to gain firsthand management experience as a project leader of an undergraduate consulting team.

MBA students who have completed approximately 30 credits are eligible to participate in this course. The class will combine the MBA student’s academic learning with the management of a consulting team comprised of 4-6 undergraduate students.

Project leaders are responsible for the overall management of the consulting project, and they serve as the primary liaison between the student consultants and the “real-world” client. Ultimately, the project leaders are responsible for grading the undergraduate students.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For more information, please contact Arline MacCormack at 781-239-4003 or​.