Swanee Hunt


Swanee Hunt

Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

Swanee Hunt, the former U.S. ambassador to Austria, is the Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer in Public Policy, founder of the Women and Public Policy Program, and affiliated with the Center for Public Leadership and Carr Center for Human Rights, all at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

At the core of her national and international work to promote social justice and end war are eight years in theological seminaries. During that time, she created the Colorado Governor’s Coordinating Council on Housing and Homelessness, led a whole scale reform of Denver’s care for the chronically mentally ill, and co-founded the Women’s Foundation of Colorado.

When she arrived in Austria as President Clinton’s ambassador, Eastern Europe was in travail, including the bloody disintegration of Yugoslavia. The 70,000 refugees streaming across the border needed not only safety but also to be heard. Hunt hosted peace talks and international symposia, and has written two books on the war in Bosnia.

As founder of Hunt Alternatives Fund, she shares with Babson President Kerry Healey a commitment to dramatically increasing the number of women serving in the U.S. Congress and governorships, combating the demand for illegal commercial sex, and promoting the leadership of women in conflict zones, such as Afghanistan. She is currently writing Rwandan Women Rising. che