Many of the acclaimed faculty at Babson are researching topics on the social, environmental, and economic dimensions of sustainability.

The Lewis Institute is funding 10-12 cases that fit the criteria of social impact and environmental responsibility.

See below for a list of faculty engaged in research having some connection to UN PRME Principles; Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility and Sustainability (SEERS) which is an expanded concept of Triple Bottom Line that was developed and defined by Babson faculty; or the Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey Pinstripes (as of January 2011).

  • Allen, I.E. - Math & Science
  • Bell, J - Accounting
  • Brush, C - Entrepreneurship
  • DiCarlo, L - Entrepreneurship
  • Erzurumlu, S - Tech OPs & Info Mgmt
  • Friedlander, J - Entrepreneurship
  • Gai, Y - Economics
  • Godwyn, M - History & Society
  • Goldberg, E.S. - Arts & Humanities
  • Greenberg, D.N. - Management
  • Harris, N - Economics
  • Hotchkiss, C - Accounting
  • Jones, K - Economics
  • Kelley, D - Entrepreneurship
  • Lester, T - Accounting
  • Marram, Ed - Entrepreneurship
  • McKone-Sweet, K - Tech OPs & Info Mgmt
  • Neck, H - Entrepreneurship
  • Rademacher, V - Arts & Humanities
  • Rice, M - Entrepreneurship
  • Rodgers, V - Math & Science
  • Stoddard, D - Tech OPs & Info Mgmt
  • Whitman, J - Entrepreneurship
  • Zacharakis, A - Entrepreneurship

A full inventory is available on the STARS website.

How the inventory was created: Babson compiled a list of published and forthcoming research by faculty for the period January 2009-May 2010 for submission to Principle for Responsible Management Initiative. This was compiled by faculty members and the Provost’s office. In late 2010, a team of staff and students from the Lewis Institute and the Sustainability Office compiled a list of research done from January 2009 onwards from Division Chairs and the Provost’s Office specifically for the Beyond Grey Pinstripes 2011 survey as well as for STARS.

Types of research included in the inventory: published articles, forthcoming articles, presentations, case studies, book chapters, edited books, books, and book reviews.​