Carpool Parking

​Green Commute

Transportation is a significant contributor to Babson’s footprint. How will you green your commute?


Chances are another member of the Babson community lives near you, making it easy for you share a ride to Babson. If you will regularly be commuting to campus for at least four days per week, Public Safety offers preferred parking locations. For more information, contact Public Safety at extension 5555.


Bicycles are considered by many to be the most energy-efficient form of personal transportation. Use a tool such as Google Maps to find bike-friendly directions, and grab a shower in the Webster Center to be ready for your day. Be sure to study your route to ensure your safety.

Electric Vehicles

Babson offers Level 2 electric vehicle charging in the Knight Lot. Charging is free for the Babson community.

Charging Station

If you are visiting Babson or will be using the charging stations on a regular basis, please contact the Sustainability Office. Due to high demand, the Sustainability Office works to coordinate sharing of the stations to ensure access for all.

Inter-Campus Shuttle

Headed to Wellesley College or Olin College for a class or meeting? Use the inter-campus shuttle for an easy low-impact transportation solution. Check the shuttle schedule for routes and stops.


Please contact the Sustainability Office at or 781-239-6000 if you have any questions about sustainable transportation options at Babson.