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A great resource for personal and professional networking. Use it to build networks of friends and colleagues, make valuable business connections, and promote yourself and your business.

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People Search allows you to enter as much information as you like about the person you are searching for, and to disregard criteria that are not meaningful to you.

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Alumni Business Search provides the ability to search businesses that are Babson alumni owned and operated all over the world, by a variety of criteria that you deem important. Those businesses that offer online services as well as alumni exclusive discounts will be featured in your search results if you choose.

Want to feature your business in the Alumni Business Directory?

Login using your Babson Username and Password. Under Edit Profile select the Business tab. Check the “I am the CEO, Founder or Owner of my business” checkbox and fill out your business’ information. Be sure to hit Save at the top of the page when you’re done. Your business listing will now appear in the Business Search results.

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Groups and Clubs

Babson College recognizes the rich opportunity that exists for alumni to connect with fellow alumni, current students, their former faculty and staff advisors, and their alma mater. To this end, we provide opportunities for alumni to engage in global clubs and affinity networks.

Alumni groups and clubs offer networking, professional development, social engagement, and community service opportunities. Alumni volunteers are instrumental in all aspects of program planning, including topic selection and speaker recruitment.

Babson’s global clubs encompass alumni activities in 29 U.S. cities and 24 international countries.

Our affinity networks and events provide opportunities for alumni with a common industry, company affiliation, or special interest to connect with fellow Babson community members.

We encourage you to find a group that matches your interests, attend its events, and become involved with the Babson alumni community.

Babson Alumni Association »

The Babson Alumni Association (BAA) works to ensure that there are opportunities for all alumni to feel connected to Babson.

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Connect with fellow alumni, faculty, staff, and current students who share similar interests or life experiences. Find groups that already exist, or learn how to start your own.

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More than 39,000 alumni worldwide provide you with a strong and global Babson network. Our alumni clubs around the world make connections to a particular city or country easy. Leverage your Babson network wherever you are today!

Class Notes

Getting married, starting a new job, or have other personal or professional updates you want to share with fellow alumni? Or curious to learn what your classmates are up to? Be sure to post a class note and view class news.