Groups and Clubs

Babson College recognizes the rich opportunity that exists for alumni to connect with fellow alumni, current students, their former faculty and staff advisors, and their alma mater. To this end, we provide opportunities for alumni to engage in affinity networks and global clubs.

Our groups, including affinity networks and events, provide opportunities for alumni with a common industry, company affiliation, or special interest to connect with fellow Babson community members.

Clubs expand Babson’s global reach. In addition to formal clubs, Babson’s global presence also encompasses alumni activities in more than 15 U.S. cities and 20 international locations.

Alumni groups and clubs offer networking, professional development, social engagement, and community service opportunities. Alumni volunteer leaders are instrumental in all aspects of program planning, including topic development and speaker recruitment.

We encourage you to find a group that matches your interests, attend its events, and become involved with the Babson alumni community.

Babson Alumni Groups and Clubs

  • Expand your personal and professional network
  • Provide lifelong learning and professional development opportunities
  • Help you stay connected with Babson and your fellow alumni
  • Offer fun, social gatherings
  • Build awareness of Babson around the world