​Alumni Travel

The World of Tuscan Food

October 22–29, 2018

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Some Highlights

  • Travel to Tuscany with Babson and delight in delicious Italian foods and wines
  • Learn about the region’s traditional dishes and meet with food producers who are leaders in the farm-to-table movement
  • Tour an all woman-run winery in Montalcino
  • Dine with fellow alumni and friends in world-class restaurants
  • Join Professor of History and Foodways Frederick Douglass Opie, and learn that traditional dishes are defined by their region and why it is so important for ingredients to be locally sourced and seasonal!
Frederick Douglass Opie

Frederick Douglass Opie is a professor of history and foodways at Babson College. He is the author of several books; his most recent books are Southern Food and Civil Rights: Feeding the Revolution, Zora Neale Hurston on Florida Food: Recipes, Remedies & Simple Pleasures, and Start With Your Gift: Understand and Monetize it While Serving Others With It. You can learn more about his work and access his blogs and podcasts at FredOpie.com


Cuba’s Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Save the Date: February 10–15, 2019

Some Highlights

  • Engage in dialogue with members of the National Union of Cuban Jurists (UNJC) and the secretary of the Cuban Society of International Law, Dorys Quintana, where you will learn about her time spent drafting legislation outlining the rights of employees, new entrepreneurial businesses and new foreign investment policies.
  • Interact with members of El Proyecto Paloma, a project dedicated to providing support and empowering victims of domestic abuse and transgender youth through dance, therapy, film, and other art.
  • Visit Finca Yondra, an urban organic farm, to discuss urban farming cooperatives and tour the farm and medicinal gardens.
  • Stroll through the cobblestone streets of Havana, and visit the Felix Varela Cultural Center and a graphic arts workshop to engage with professors and students from the Cuba Emprende Project.
  • Enjoy a performance by the Habana Compas Dance Company at its headquarters and talk with some of the performers after the show.
  • Meet with representatives of EspacioCuba, a real estate agency which was established in 2012 after a law was passed allowing the sale and purchase of properties between Cuban residents.
  • Spend time in the eco-community of Las Terrazas, an estate and nature reserve, a little more than an hour south west of Havana.
  • Experience part of Havana’s nightlife at Fábrica de Arte Cubano, a warehouse turned gallery and performance venue.
  • Visit one of Havana’s tobacco factories for a tour, and meet with cigar experts and rollers to discuss the economic importance that tobacco has played in Cuban history.