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Women’s Leadership Program: From Opportunity to Action

October 26-30, 2015


*Includes program materials accommodations and meals at the award-winning Babson Executive Conference Center beginning at 4 p.m. on the first day of the program.​

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In a world that is increasingly unpredictable and uncertain, managers at organizations of all sizes need to possess entrepreneurial leadership skills in order to make a strategic impact.

While an understanding of fundamental business disciplines is essential, it is no longer enough. Women’s Leadership Program: From Opportunity to Action is a transformational five-day leadership development program for midcareer leaders who are moving into roles with increased strategic and leadership responsibilities. The program will act as an important guide as they harness their existing strengths, build new competencies, and develop a renewed leadership identity that creates new levels of value for themselves and their organizations.

Program Objectives

Women’s Leadership Program: From Opportunity to Action is a unique personal leadership experience with emphasis on driving organizational performance by recognizing and building on strengths and engaging entrepreneurial thinking and behavior. Through the important transition into strategic and entrepreneurial leadership, participants gain a deep understanding of the interconnectivity between individual effectiveness and organizational outcomes, as well as the interplay between the leader’s influence and organizational performance. Participants bring back to their teams and their companies new tools, concepts, resources, and approaches for driving innovation and growth amidst often uncertain market conditions.


The format of this program is highly interactive and features a blend of lectures and guest speakers, personalized coaching, case studies, self-assessment, action learning, problem solving, and networking.

Program topic areas include:

  • Owning and amplifying your leadership strengths
  • Leveraging Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® to harness new opportunities for you and your organization
  • Leading strategically through an understanding of critical business drivers
  • Effective methods for approaching risk and embracing the benefits of failure as a method for learning and intentional iteration
  • Negotiation and teamwork
  • Taking leadership challenges from your organization and transforming them into opportunities
  • Developing strategies for personal and organizational success by hearing firsthand accounts from entrepreneurial leaders

Additionally, each participant brings to the program a critical and current business challenge from their workplace. Through ongoing coaching sessions, participants will share and receive feedback on the issue, develop strategies for how to approach it, and develop an action plan by the end of the week.

Participant Mix

This program is for mid-career senior leaders who are on a growth trajectory and moving into roles with increased strategic responsibility. Participants come from a range of industries and differ in their job titles and backgrounds. But all possess the drive and determination to assess their strengths in order to be able to better articulate the positive impact that they seek to have on the organizations that they serve.


The program is led by a group of faculty who are distinguished academics, entrepreneurs, and practitioners. They bring to the program a practical approach for driving improved individual and organizational performance.

Educators for this program include Susan Duffy (faculty director), Elaine Eisenman, Susan Foley, Danna Greenberg, PJ Guinan, Nan Langowitz, Heidi Neck, Mary Shapiro, Virginia Soybel, and Janelle Shubert.

Women’s Leadership
Faculty Director Susan Duffy discusses the program.
Babson Insight

“Managerial expectations and habits, developed under the pressure for results and predictability, act as significant barriers to successful performance in leadership roles.”

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“In one short week I developed skills that enabled me to effectively migrate to a position of strategic influence at my company. I’m now totally confident in any business interaction, and I look at my contributions to the business much more open-mindedly. I encourage any woman looking to make a change in her approach to leading professionally to attend this program!”

— Global Business Operations Manager, Symantec Corporation

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