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Graduate Student Council

Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is the eyes, ears, and voice of the graduate student body.

The council is comprised of MBA students across all programs and acts as a liaison between students, faculty, and the administration.

There are several goals of the GSC as outlined in the GSC Constitution:

  • Enhance the prestige of the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business.
  • Provide an atmosphere conducive to GSC fellowship and promote interaction between members of the graduate student body, the academic community, and the professional community.
  • Support the graduate student educational experience.
  • Foster an atmosphere of camaraderie, understanding, support, and goodwill at Babson.

These goals are accomplished through a variety of GSC-sponsored events and consistent solicitation and implementation of student feedback. The GSC also helps coordinate the 35-plus student-run organizations (more information on these organizations can be found at Life@Babson).

The majority of GSC members for the following academic year are elected in the spring, however, to ensure participation and representation across all MBA programs, the following positions are held open and elected at alternate times:

  • Vice President for One-Year MBA Program (two positions)—August
  • Vice President for Blended Learning MBA Program (one position)—August
  • Director of Marketing (one position)—October
  • Vice President for First-Year students in the Two-Year MBA Program (one position)—October

Members of the GSC are expected to carry out their responsibilities as outlined in the Graduate Student Council Constitution (pdf).

Graduate Student Council Executive Team, 2014–2015

GSC President

Nicholas Wong M’15

GSC Executive Vice President

Angel Montemayor M’15

Vice President, Club Management

Chandni Talreja M’15

Vice President, Finance

Francisco Layrisse M’15

Vice President, Technology

Viplav Valluri M’15

Vice President, Academic Affairs

Jennifer Odera M’15

Vice Presidents, Events

Rubi Rodriguez Parrilla M’15
Takuo Urushihara M’15

Vice President, First Year

Javier Madero M’16

Vice Presidents, One-Year

Luis Vazquez M’15
Felipe Sotomayor M’15

Vice Presidents, Evening

Andrea Toochin, Evening MBA candidate
Lindsey Donovan, Evening MBA candidate

Director, International Students

Yawei Zhao M’16

Director, Marketing

Alison Henry M’16

Director, Partners Program

John Scott M’15

CCD Liaison, Second Year

Mrudula Nambiar M’15

CCD Liaison, One-Year

Gisela Santos de Macedo M’15

Director, Admissions

Miguel Matuk M’15

Director, Alumni Relations

Rishabh Aggarwal M’15

Vice President, Blended Learning

Jason Ray M’15