Student Programs and Activities

Babson College's diverse international and multicultural population is extremely active, as evident by the multitude of student clubs and organizations.

Student Support & Advocacy

The office provides support and advice on personal and social matters, and refers students to the appropriate campus and community resources.

Cultural Celebrations

The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion works with organizations and departments to sponsor events throughout the academic year that recognize and celebrate the rich, multicultural fabric of our campus. The MLK Jr. Legacy Day, Black History Month, Women’s History Month and the Multicultural Fair are among them.

Community Unity Educators (CUES)

Community Unity Educators are student leaders that uphold and implement the mission of the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion through facilitating collaboration between student groups and being change agents for inclusivity inside the classroom and around campus.

Babson OpenHouse

This is a bi-weekly event where community members gather in a safe space to share experiences and engage in dialogue concerning the LGBTQ community at Babson.

Diversity Leadership Mentoring

This program matches upperclassmen with incoming first-year students to provide mentorship and support in adjusting to a new environment. Student

Cultural Student Organizations

Culture-based organizations often serve two primary purposes: to provide a sense of community for students from a similar background; and to educate the greater Babson community about the culture. Students are encouraged to work with Multicultural Programs as they and their organization plan programs and events.

Engage@Babson is the primary way in which to explore the various clubs and organizations on campus; search by category (for example: multicultural or faith-based) and sign up to receive information and event announcements from groups which interest you. Below is a sample of the many culture-based student organizations at Babson. Click on their name to check out their Life@Babson organization pages.


AMAN is an organization dedicated to the expression and awareness of South Asian cultures and traditions here at Babson.

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting (ALPFA)

ALPFA’s mission statement is to create opportunities, add value, and build relationships for its members, the community and its business partners. It is one of the largest and oldest organizations for Latino/Hispanic professionals focused in accounting, finance, investment and other related business fields.

Babson African Student Organization (BASO)

The purpose of the organization is to unite all the African students of Babson College and to promote a learning and social environment to enrich students interested in African culture in general.

Babson Asian Pacific Student Organization (BAPSA)

BAPSA focuses on the four principles of diversity, self-awareness, friendship, and experience to promote student involvement in spreading awareness about Asian culture and traditions.

Babson Christian Fellowship

The members of the Babson Christian Fellowship know God, grow in Him, and make Him known. All levels of activities and faith are welcome.

Babson Indonesian Association

The Babson Indonesian Association is committed to promoting the Indonesian culture to the Babson community through events and cultural activities.

Babson Islamic Organization

This organization builds awareness regarding Islam on campus and provides Muslim students the resources and support.

Babson Korean Student Association (BKSA)

BKSA aims to spread the culture of Korea, while enhancing the growth of its members as professionals, leaders, and socially-responsible global citizens.

Babson Olin Catholic Association

The association provides Catholics with a chance to get to know each other on campus and to participate in services and other activities together. We also have some instructional classes for those interesting in learning more about Catholicism.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union provides ethnic experiences as they relate to persons of African descent through intellectual, social, and cultural endeavors, to educate the members and the Babson community, and to be a unified support network on and off campus.

Babson Thai Student Association

The Babson Thai Student Association promotes and shares Thai culture on Babson’s campus.


Babson Hillel provides events, speakers, services, and spiritual guidance to the Jewish community at Babson.

Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA)

HKSA brings together students who are culturally passionate for the "global metropolitan and international power center" that is the city of Hong Kong.


HOLA’s goal is to assist and improve the lives of the members of the Babson community with a focus on students of Latin America heritage through educational assistance, cultural awareness, open communication, and creativity.

Japanese International Circle (JIC)

The Japanese International Circle promotes Japanese cultural awareness to non-Japanese and Japanese students.


The purpose of Prism is to foster lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender/transsexual (LGBT) awareness on the Babson's campus. The club provides an environment free from hate, prejudice, or stereotypes. It engages in social and educational activities and serves as a resource for people of all sexual identities and orientations.

Origins of Necessary Equality (O.N.E Tower)

O.N.E. is both an organization and a residence hall dedicated to spreading cultural education, awarness, and tolerance within the Babson community. ONE aims to promote an environment where individuals from various origins can come together and share in a community that is mutually supportive.

Women Giving Back

Women Giving Back was established to promote service and volunteer opportunities on the Babson campus.