Park Manors North and West Buildings and Quad

Learner Success and Campus Life

The division of Learner Success and Campus Life is dedicated to building and fostering a vibrant, safe, and supportive campus environment that facilitates students’ success and personal well-being.

As an entrepreneurial living and learning community, we believe that the student experience should reflect a process of discovery that emphasizes wellness, engagement, and inclusion. Our developmental approach values learning from failure, diverse perspectives, good decision-making, and resiliency. And, we also expect students to have fun and enjoy themselves.

To achieve successful outcomes, we communicate and collaborate closely with students, faculty, and families. Our collective goal is to deliver student-centered services, innovative programming, and extraordinary leadership opportunities that allow all students to have a transformative experience at Babson.

At any time, we look forward to your ideas, suggestions, and feedback.

Leadership Team

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