Concentrations and Intensity Tracks

For students who want to further focus academic interests and career planning, the concentrations and intensity tracks offered reflect areas of significant importance in the 21st century global economy.


Requirements for the concentrations range from 9 to 12 credits, and will be designated upon completion on your official transcript. Please note: those exploring the Blended Learning program and considering a concentration, should talk with Graduate Admissions as the program structure limits the option to pursue a concentration.

Business Analytics

Designed to provide advanced skills and techniques that can be applied to discipline-specific and more general business problems, this concentration prepares students for careers in organizations of all types and sizes that require decision making built on an analytical foundation.

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The Entrepreneurship concentration focuses on creating, identifying, assessing, shaping, and acting on opportunities that generate economic and social value in a variety of contexts and organizations. Students in the concentration practice the necessary skills of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® including opportunity assessment, resource acquisition, building teams, and starting and managing new and growing ventures (broadly defined). Students also have the option to deeply explore various forms of entrepreneurship including startups, family business, corporate entrepreneurship, nonprofit entrepreneurship, and buying a small business. Learn more about the career paths​ Babson MBA students take in this field.

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This concentration is designed to develop competencies in financial tools and analysis, prepare students to lead with sound decisions, and provide the steps to making the connections students need to build a network in the financial services industry. Learn more about career paths Babson MBA students take in this field.

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Global Management

Designed to encourage students to enhance their global business acumen, develop intercultural competency, and to pursue a variety of international business and area studies courses, both abroad and on campus, this concentration will broaden the understanding of global management to empower students to achieve depth in a skill area—such as marketing or finance—and acquire a global mindset.

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Designed to help graduate students prepare for careers in marketing in organizations of all types and sizes, these courses take a deeper look at key themes such as understanding customers, building market strategy, and implementing the marketing plan. Learn more about career paths Babson MBA students take in consumer products/retail.

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Intensity Tracks

Intensity Tracks are a series of courses combined with a signature experience. While an Intensity Track does not appear on your transcript, it provides the opportunity to deepen knowledge of a topic and build your resume.

Babson College Fund

An academic program in which specially selected students from both the Undergraduate and Graduate schools manage a portion of the Babson College endowment. The program builds students’ investment research and portfolio management skills, and offers practical experience.

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Business and Social Innovation Intensity Track

This intensity track focuses on developing the mindset, skills and competencies around creating economic and social value simultaneously not sequentially. The Business and Social Innovation Intensity Track requires a rich combination of course work and entrepreneurial experiences to practice the concepts of social innovation, as well as a two-hour MBA Impact Hour on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Social Innovation Experiences can be an Inventureship, Approved Independent Study, or the Babson Board Fellows Program.

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Entrepreneurship Intensity Track (EIT)

A specialized two-course elective series for students who are pursuing a venture they hope to launch shortly after graduation. Due to the structure of the class, it does follow its own application process and not all students are guaranteed acceptance in to the program. The class is designed to provide mentors, resources and leadership as students prepare to launch a business upon graduation. This class is generally taken in the spring semester of the student’s graduating year.

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Managing the Technology-intensive Enterprise (MTIE)

A track that comprises Managing Technological Innovations, Marketing High-Tech Products, and a semester-long seminar, taken as a cohort by students drawn from all four MBA programs. Related elective topics cover technology law, biotechnology, telecommunications, and pricing high-tech products.

Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab® Intensity Track

The WIN Lab® intensity track offers MBA students the opportunity to gain course credit for the intensive women’s accelerator experience offered by the WIN Lab®. Women entrepreneurs are transformed into CEOs through rigorous entrepreneurship coursework, applied experiences, mentoring, and milestone achievements designed to move early-stage ventures from prototype to successful launch and growth. This track experience combines an 8-month, 3-credit lab experience with a series of entrepreneurship electives and comprises a minimum of 9 credits, including: the pre-requisite EPS7500, the 3-credit WIN Lab which is a two-semester experience, and 3 credits of electives. Graduates of the WIN Lab Intensity Track will receive a special designation at commencement.

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