Clubs and Organizations

There are many opportunities at the graduate school to get involved in the community, network, have fun, and enrich your education.

For example, there are over 25 different student-run organizations of all types, ranging from business-related clubs to special interest groups and athletic organizations. Each organization is helmed by a leadership team, which is responsible for executing the mission of the club and management of membership and events. Elections for leadership teams occur in both the spring and fall semesters. 

To learn more about graduate clubs visit our internal site (only accessible to those with a Babson email):  

Current Graduate Student Clubs:

The Babson Acceleration Club provides entrepreneurs with a "Business Acceleration Program" to grow their entrepreneurial mindset and venture business.

Annual events include a BAC sponsored pitch competition.

The mission of the Babson Analytics Club is to advance the education, careers, and community of Babson students interested in data, analytics, and machine learning, across industries and functions.

Annual events include a careers in analytics panel and python workshops.

The mission of the Black Graduate Club is to foster community amongst historically underrepresented students and lead in the creation of wealth building throughout their careers as students, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

The Babson Consulting Club’s mission is to

- Educate graduate students in the methodologies of consulting,

- Facilitate alumni networking within the field, and

- Help students understand the various opportunities within the field post-Babson.

Annual events include a consulting panels and seminar about the consulting interview process.

The mission of Babson Design Thinking Club is to help students inculcate design thinking into entrepreneurial thought processes (Babson's ET&A) and hence into the careers & businesses they're involved it.

Annual events include design thinking challenges and speaker series.

The mission of the Babson European Graduate Club is to foster the relationship among the European Members and cultivate and strengthen brand awareness in Europe.

The European Graduate Club organizes monthly social and networking sessions among EGC members and alumni.

The purpose of the Babson Family Business Club is to provide a forum that promotes interconnectivity between students with family businesses and family businesses themselves.

The Babson Family Business Club organizes secret society lunches and a start of semester kick-off event.

Our mission is to enhance financial expertise and skills for all students at Babson who will be the world's future entrepreneurial leaders. Our dream is for every Babson graduate to be fluent in finance and ready to work on day one after graduation. 

Annual events include finance seminars with Babson faculty and alumni.

Food is everyone's business. We're here to be a platform for all Babson students aspiring to pursue a career or startup in food.

Annual events include Boston Food Walking Tour and Babson Food and Ag Tech startup panel.

Babson Graduate Golf Club is committed to providing a friendly and welcoming opportunity for Babson Grad students to play golf, network, and socialize. The Club is committed to educating tomorrow's business leaders through the pursuit of golf excellence.

The Golf Club organizes outings to play at local golf courses.

The Babson Partners Club is a place where students, their partners, companions, and families can get support in order to adjust to the new life and find friends to share the Babson adventure with.

Annual events include Partners Orientation and partners’ holiday party.

The Babson Graduate Soccer Club believes that by playing soccer, the students will generate great companionship with fellow students, a strong sense of team spirit and a better quality of extracurricular activities.

 The soccer club practices weekly and participates in MBA soccer tournaments.

The mission of the Babson Healthcare and Life Sciences club is to create a community of like-minded students who have an entrepreneurial and work interest in all things related to healthcare and the Life Sciences.

Annual events include a club welcome event and a presentation about landing a job in healthcare.

Our mission at the Babson India Graduate Club is to build a robust network of the Indian diaspora of Babson graduate students through academic and cultural events.

Annual events include welcome event for Indian graduate students and a Diwali party.

The LATAM Club brings together the Babson LATAM community, building a long lasting connection with a network of students, faculty, alumni, and other LATAM clubs from the Boston area, carrying our very own stamp of leadership, professionalism and innovation.

Annual events include the LATAM Halloween Party and LATAM guest speaker events.

The Babson Manufacturing Club seek to create a network of people with backgrounds and interest in manufacturing & operations, and increase exposure of the Babson Graduate community to manufacturing by organizing company treks, seminars, workshops, and related events.

Annual events include company site visits and networking event.

The Babson Marketing Club, a student-led organization for graduate students, puts into action thought-provoking events and networking opportunities for all students interested in the multiple facets of marketing.

Annual events and programs include industry expert speaker series and the P&G Marketing Challenge flagship event.

The mission of the Babson Mobility Club is to gather likeminded people who are interested in the automobile industry to one place for exchange of knowledge and thoughts.

Annual events include a sustainable mobility discussion and screening of F1 GP film.

Babson Net Impact Graduate Club accelerates students who want to expand their horizons, build networks, create impact beyond individual actions, and transform themselves into effective changemakers. Net Impact is a global community of students and professionals building a more just and sustainable world.

Annual events include a speaker series and case competitions.

The Out Network is committed to creating a community throughout the graduate school where LGBTQ+ and allies are comfortable being themselves, fostering a place that is welcoming to diversity and inclusive to all.

Annual events include OUT Network members networking events and diversity and inclusion alumni panel discussion.

The Babson Real Estate club aims to develop student interests in the broader real estate industry through conversation with industry experts, networking opportunities, applicable technical skills relative to the industry.

Annual events include site visit to current development project, alumni fireside chats, and personal real estate investing seminars.

The mission of the Babson Sustainability and Energy Club is to foster an atmosphere that focuses Babson’s energy towards making the world a better place for generations to come. We believe in the power of disruption and innovation powered by a strong community to enact positive social and environmental change.

Annual events include alumni fireside chats and panels and the annual Sustainability Forum in the spring semester.

The Tech Club aims to develop well prepared Tech leaders, offering practical knowledge, network opportunities with the industry and exposition to new trends.

Annual events include No Code Workshop and guest speakers about fintech and banking online.

The Babson Veterans Club (BVC) is community of U.S. and foreign undergraduate, graduate, and executive education program students committed to providing resources and support to veterans and their families at Babson College.

Annual events include a Veterans Day Luncheon and monthly social events.

Babson Women in Business Club's mission is to develop and promote women's leadership by creating opportunities for women to both develop and reach their professional goals. BWIB seeks to generate awareness among all students of the role of female professionals in business, and to provide forums to hear their perspectives and issues. BWIB offers excellent opportunities to network with other Babson students and the visiting guests through its formal events and informal gatherings.

Annual events include a BWIB welcome event and Babson Women Connect.


Starting a New Graduate Student Club:

If you are interested in starting an organization not already represented, you can certainly take steps to do so by registering a new organization or partnering with an existing organization. 

All new Graduate student clubs must demonstrate viability and sustainability:

  • Viability: There is demonstrated interest in the student body in the club and the club is able to meet these needs. Clubs must have a distinct mission and purpose and cannot substantially overlap with an already existing club. The club must enhance the Babson community.
  • Sustainability: The club must have future longevity on campus, which is measured through annual club goals, the number of activities held per semester, and club membership numbers.

For more details about the Club Initiative Stage and Making an Official Pitch to the GSC to start a new club visit the Babson Hub.