Sales&marketing Dynamic Franchise System

MKT 9505: Sales and Marketing Dynamics within Franchise Systems

1.5 credits

This course will cover and explore the unique dynamics of sales and marketing in franchise systems. This intensive elective course complements EPS7534- Franchising, licensing & distributorship. We will review the fundamentals of franchise business models to set the context for the course and then focus on specific aspects of franchising that presents unique challenges for sales and marketing executives. We will address the implications these challenges have on marketing strategy, brand building, brand extension, sales process, sales pipeline, and revenue management. Topics covered include fundamentals of franchise business models and systems, marketing strategy and implementation in franchise systems, brand building and brand leadership in franchise systems, sales process and pipeline management for recruiting franchisees, aligning B2C and B2B franchise sales to support revenue growth, understanding franchise unit level sales analytics, managing brand conflicts and opportunities in multi-brand franchise operators, managing brands in international franchise systems, marketing channel conflicts, challenges, and opportunities when franchising is combined with other go-to-market channel options, new product development (NPD) and product portfolio management (PPM) for growth-phase franchise systems.

Prerequisites: MKT 7800

  • Program: Graduate
  • Division: Marketing
  • Level: Graduate Elective (Grad)
  • Course Number: MKT9505
  • Number of Credits: 1.5