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Advice for High School Students About College Preparation and Career Exploration

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What type of undergraduate college degree is for me? What questions should I ask admission counselors? How will college prepare me for a successful career and the future of work? How can I be sure college is worth it and I’ll get a good return on investment?

With college search comes questions, and you need advice to help you succeed, follow your passion, and reach your goals as you start career exploration for high school students.

But not just any tips and advice. You want real tips from real pros.

Across the United States, around 19M students will attend colleges and universities this year. And, nearly 2M bachelor’s degrees will be awarded. So getting these questions answered ahead of time helps you hone your focus, make the right decision, and achieve the career of your dreams.

We’ve compiled the best college admission advice, career advice for high school students, tips for college and career planning, and college application advice—all in one place to make it easy for you to get your questions answered and start your journey!

College Admission Advice

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College Concentrations vs. Majors

There's no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing a program with majors and minors versus concentrations. Understanding the differences will help you decide what makes most sense for you.

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Why Campus Environment Matters

When determining the the school for you, you want to understand all the aspects of a campus environment that can influence your experience. Here's what to consider when making your college decision.

When Preparing Your College Essay, Speak the Language of Admissions: Be Yourself

Gabrielle Alias ’20, a San Francisco, California native, reflects on why being herself led her to Babson. “It is so important to be true to yourself and speak from your heart. The admissions officers don't want to hear y​our resume, but what makes up you.”

Career Exploration and Preparation

How to Make the Most Out of Your College Experience

Wendy Kahn ’22

“Stay open to people who are different from you, and get to know them. Getting to know someone who grew up with a different cultural background is amazing; the experience makes us better humans.”

Shruti Jain ’24

“That’s what being an entrepreneurial leader is—finding solutions, being unique and creative, and being someone who is supportive, inclusive, and understanding.”

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Alicia Gaudet ’22

“The most important thing I have learned at Babson is that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Babson has helped me realize how capable I really am.”

Sree Dasari ’23

“Tour a lot of places to see where you fit in. But, in terms of business and entrepreneurship, 100% Babson.”

The Babson Experience

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Class of 2027 Profile: A Diverse Community that Raises the Bar

From class size, to admit rate, to scholarships awarded—discover how Babson brings together unique perspectives to solve global challenges, and get a feel for your class.

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Tiffany Ramsarran ‘24 Diversity Leadership Scholar
“I felt like Babson was a really inclusive environment and had a strong passion for diversity. I really admire how passionate the professors and administrators are, and all the resources available.”
Tiffany Ramsarran ’24
Diversity Leadership Scholar

Get to Know Some of the Undergrad School’s Star Professors

Lauren Beitelspacher, Associate Professor of Marketing, and Marketing Division Chair

Lauren Beitelspacher

Associate Professor of Marketing, and Marketing Division Chair
Joanna Carey, Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Science

Joanna Carey

Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Science
Vincent Onyemah, Associate Professor of Sales and Marketing

Vincent “Vini” Onyemah

Associate Professor of Sales and Marketing
“Coming to the Babson community, I knew that I was going to be engaged but I didn’t know that I was going to have these kinds of experiences.”
Andrea Lindner ’22
Babson College Student President

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