Past Conferences

2015 AMA/ACRA Second Triennial Conference

Theme: AMA/ACRA Triennial Retail Conference

Held: March 4-7, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency, Coral Ga​bles, Florida​

Hosted by​AMA Retailing & Pricing SIG, American Collegiate Retailing Association, and the Babson Retail Supply Chain Institute

Conference Co-chairs: Dhruv Grewal, Babson College; Jens Nordfält, Stockholm School of Economics; Anne L. Roggeveen, Babson College; Rodney Runyan, Texas State University, Lancaster University; Jane Swinney, Oklahoma State University; Maria Elena Vazquez Lira, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Conference Schedule: View the AMA/ACRA Second Triennial Conference Program (pdf)

The AMA/ACRA Triennial Retail Conference, which serves as a forum for practitioners and academics to come together and share ideas, invites research papers related to various aspects of retailing from both academic and managerial perspectives.

Papers are subject to a double-blind review process. Papers accepted for concurrent sessions also could be designated as submissions to the Journal of Product & Brand Management

2014 Shopper Marketing: In-store, On-line, Social, and Mobile Conference

Theme: Multichannel shopper marketing

​Held: May 8-10, 2014 at the Stockholm School of Economics

Hosted by: The Center for Retailing at the Stockholm School of Economics, AMA Retailing & Pricing SIG, and the Babson Retail Supply Chain Institute

Conference Co-chairs:  Dhruv Grewal, Babson College, Jens Nordfält, Stockholm School of Economics, and Anne L. Roggeveen, Babson College

Conference Schedule: View the 2014 Shopper Marketing & Pricing Conference Program (pdf)

The objective of this conference is to generate a state of the art understanding of Shopper Marketing activities across platforms on the path to purchase by integrating insights from both research and practice. Friday, May 9 will be devoted to a number of plenary sessions featuring leading academics and practitioners in the field of in-store marketing. Practitioners will likely represent retailers such as IKEA, H&M, ICA (leading Scandinavian grocery chain), leading manufacturing firms as well as in-store shopper marketing software firms.

In today’s rapidly evolving market place, due to influences such as mobile devices, the internet, and social media, there is increasingly a need to understand how consumers respond to marketing activities across a range of platforms. These multiple platforms create many touch point opportunities for the firm to reach the shopper on her path-to-purchase. Some of these touch points are controlled by the firm (e.g., targeted emails), while others are controlled by consumers (e.g., social media postings). As a result, firms must focus on all of these touch points. Firms must also remain cutting edge in their use of new technologies in their quest to capture the consumers’ interest. These new technologies include digital displays in the store, and increasingly personalized offers and localized offers taking advantage of the GPS element of mobile phones and apps. Even traditional media, such as newspapers and direct mail, is being transformed via the use of QR codes and deal websites. Understanding how these multiple touch points impact shoppers is critical for retailers to understand.

Research that primarily reflects conceptual and theoretical contributions as well as empirical research studies are equally welcome. The research should aim to integrate insights both from research and practice. Any topic that fits the broad rubrics of shopper marketing is appropriate.

There will also be an associated Special Issue of the Journal of Business Research. There is a separate call for papers and submission requirements for that special issue.​​

2013 Pricing and Retailing Conference

Theme: Pricing and Retailing

Held: August 7-9, 2013 at Babson College, Babson Park, MA 02457, USA

Hosted by: Babson Retail Supply Chain Institute, AMA Retailing & Pricing SIG, and Center for Retailing at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Conference Co-chairs: Dhruv Grewal, Babson College, Anne L. Roggeveen, Babson College, Jens Nordfält, Stockholm School of Economics

Conference Schedule: 2013 Pricing and Retailing Conference (pdf)

This conference, which builds on the rich tradition of the pricing conferences first held at Fordham University in 1998, invites research papers related to various aspects of pricing and retailing from both academic and managerial perspectives. The conference served as a forum for practitioners and academics to come together and share ideas. The conference co-chairs arranged a number of both academic and practitioner sessions.

Papers accepted for concurrent sessions could be designated as submissions to the Journal of Product and Brand Management.

Using Social Media to Redefine the Customer Value Proposition

Friday, April 27, 2012, Winn Auditorium, Babson College

Hosted by the Retail Supply Chain Institute in partnership with the Babson Alumni and Friends Network

The past decade has brought about amazing changes in how customers and marketers communicate and receive information, how they search for information, and how they purchase goods and services. The changes and advances in social, mobile, and online technologies have created a perfect storm, forcing firms to change their tack and refine their customer value propositions. Leading firms are embracing these opportunities and working with their social media partner firms to actively excite customers with interesting offers and offerings, educate their customers, allow them to experience their goods and services and actively engage in a dialogue with them and their social network.

The objective of this ½ day event is to provide Babson College alumni, students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to learn from a number of firms that are actively engaging their customers or helping firms to better engage with their customers.


7:45–8:30 a.m. Registration, Breakfast, & Networking
8:30–9 a.m. Welcome & Opening Remarks:
Social Media: Enhancing Your Marketing Endeavors

Dhruv Grewal, Toyota Chair of E-Commerce & Electronic Business, Co-Director Retail Supply Chain Institute
9–10:45 a.m. Session 1: Exciting and Educating Customers with Social Media
  • Kevin Biondi, Director of Digital and Technology Marketing, Staples
  • Mike Gottfried, Head of Industry, Retail, Google
  • Mike Ewing, Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant, HubSpot
  • Moderator – Dhruv Grewal, Toyota Chair of Commerce & Electronic Business, Babson College
10:45–11 a.m. Coffee Break & Networking
11 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Session 2: Engaging Customers and Their Networks with Social Media
  • Keith Paul, Chief Listener, EMC
  • Jon McGinley, Director of Marketing, Radian6
  • Glenn Gaudet, President and Founder, GaggleAMP
  • Moderator – Bala Iyer, Associate Professor of Information Technology, Babson College

Speaker Biographies

Kevin Biondi

Kevin Biondi

Kevin is the Director of Digital and Technology Marketing. Kevin leads the digital media and analytics team responsible for developing and implementing strategies for Display, SEM, SEO, Affiliate, Social Media and Comparison Shopping programs. He also spearheads marketing efforts for technology products on Prior to Staples, Kevin held various interactive and product marketing positions at Citibank and J.P. Morgan Chase. He holds an undergraduate degree from Providence College and a Masters in Business Administration degree from Babson College.

Mike Ewing

Mike Ewing

Mike Ewing is an Inbound Marketing Consultant and Manager of Ecommerce Marketing at the top internet marketing company in the country – HubSpot. Mike is a cutting edge Ecommerce Inbound Marketer with extensive knowledge and experience developing, implementing and optimizing conversion focused inbound marketing strategies for hundreds of successful businesses.

Mike leads HubSpot’s Ecommerce lead generation and branding strategy through inbound marketing, including blogging, search engine optimization, video marketing and social media. Before HubSpot Mike worked as the Ecommerce Operations Manager for Global Parts Inc, where he lead the development of Ecommerce solutions, creation of targeted SEO databases and the implementation of conversion focused inbound marketing strategies. The result was an increase in average monthly sales form $10K to $100K. Mike also runs with website where he writes articles and gives advice on Ecommerce Inbound Marketing.

Glenn Gaudet

Glenn Gaudet

Glenn Gaudet is the President and Founder of GaggleAMP. Gaudet brings over 20 years of comprehensive experience in both strategic and product marketing for technology and media companies ranging from startup to $1 Billion in sales. He has delivered results in both marketing technology as well as using marketing technology to gain results.

Prior to GaggleAMP, Gaudet was the Chief Marketing Officer at two different companies including Pulvermedia, an integrated media company that specialized in the voice and video industries. As CMO, Gaudet was responsible for all aspects of branding as well as marketing for the entire portfolio which included event, online and print products.

Prior to Pulvermedia, Gaudet founded GSG Consulting, Gaudet also served as Partner in Reservoir Partners in which he advised clients on new technology and venture launches. Prior to Reservoir Partners, he held senior product management and product marketing positions at EMC, ON Technology, Loral, Connected and PTC. An accomplished marketer, Gaudet is a pioneer in the use of technology in direct marketing and began his career producing high tech trade shows for IDG World Expo.

Gaudet has spoken to audiences around the world on leveraging technology in their business infrastructure. He received his undergraduate degree in Business with a major in Marketing from Babson College. He pursued his graduate degree in Information and Telecommunication Systems from Johns Hopkins University. Gaudet is also a co-founder of the Babson Alumni Technology Council (BATC). The BATC is comprised of Babson Alumni involved and interested in the evolving role of technology in business strategy. The BATC produces events and provides insight to Babson Alumni and the greater Babson Community.

Gaudet is also the author of Connection, Community & Conversation: Making Social Media Work for Business which is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine booksellers.

Mike Gottfried

Mike Gottfried

Mike Gottfried has been an integral part of Google’s explosive growth and has worked with advertisers from various industries expanding in the online space for twelve years. Mike now serves as Head of Industry for Retail in NYC, overseeing all aspects of his team’s relationships with partners handling a diverse array of Big Box retailers, including department stores and multi-channel sellers. In this role, Mike both manages client relationships, and advocates for retailers’ interests with Google’s advertising and product organizations including online and offline products, working to maximize reach and ROI. Over his Google career, he has met with hundreds of clients—online pure-plays, catalog companies, traditional brick-and-mortar stores, aggregators, and beyond—to help them find solutions to their challenges and goals.

Dhruv Grewal

Dhruv Grewal

Dhruv Grewal (Ph.D. Virginia Tech) is the Toyota Chair in Commerce and Electronic Business and a Professor of Marketing at Babson College. He is active researcher, teacher and speaker in the areas of value-based pricing and marketing strategies, retailing, and e-commerce. He was awarded the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award in Retailing (AMA Retailing SIG), 2005 Lifetime Achievement in Behavioral Pricing Award and the AMS Cutco/Vector Distinguished Educator Award in May 2010. He is a “Distinguished Fellow” of the Academy of Marketing Science. He was co-editor of Journal of Retailing (2001-2007). He has also coauthored Marketing Research (publisher: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1e 2004, 2e 2007), Marketing (publisher McGraw-Hill 1e 2008, 2e 2010-Awarded Revision of the Year, McGraw-Hill Corporate Achievement Award for Marketing, 2e with ConnectMarketing in the category of Content and Analytical Excellence, 3e 2012) and M Series: Marketing (publisher McGraw-Hill 1e 2009). He is currently researching innovative retailers.

Jon McGinley

Jon McGinley

Jon is Director of Marketing at Radian6, the leading social media monitoring, measurement and engagement company for PR, marketing and customer support professionals. In his role, Jon is responsible for product, online and event marketing as well as helping to build the brand through media relations, customer outreach and strategic partnerships. Over the past 12 years, Jon has worked with a number of traditional and digital agencies and many of Canada’s top brands. His experience with technology, marketing, product management and the social web have taken him from bar rooms to boardrooms across the country. He is passionate about helping businesses build their brands by listening, engaging, entertaining and informing customers.

You can follow Jon on Twitter at @jonmcginley.

Keith Paul

Keith Paul

Keith Paul has over 15 years of digital marketing experience spanning the unique goals of institutions of higher education to the market-driven needs of Fortune 500 brands, currently serving as Chief Listener at EMC.

Keith is enabling a culture change with his peers, building an industry-leading social listening program that drives business decisions with actionable intelligence. During Keith’s tenure, EMC was recognized as the 14th most socially-savvy global brand in 2010 and was recognized in 2011 for excellence in high-impact B2B engagement marketing.

In 2008, Keith’s creative thinking helped deliver an award-winning interactive recruiting website for MassMutual, creating an honest and open inside view to dispel the stigma of working in insurance, demonstrating the unique value financial professionals bring to their clients. A life member of the UMass Amherst Alumni Association, Keith is a sitting member of the Association’s Technology and Online Services Committee, which oversees the implementation of expanded technology initiatives and online services to alumni and students. Currently an advisor for the National Institute for Social Media, he is considered an industry influencer in social media and digital strategy. His syndicated blog can be bookmarked at

2012 AMA/ACRA Triennial Retail Conference, Seattle, WA.

Theme: Retailing in a Connected World

Held: April 18-21, 2012 at the Hotel Monaco

Hosted by: AMA Retailing and Pricing Special Interest Group, American Collegiate Retailing Association

Conference Co-chairs: Dhruv Grewal, Anne L. Roggeveen Babson College; Rodney Runyan, University of Tennessee; Barry Berman, Hofstra University

The AMA/ACRA Triennial Retail Conference, which serves as a forum for practitioners and academics to come together and share ideas, invites research papers related to various aspects of retailing from both academic and managerial perspectives.

Papers were subject to a double-blind review process. Papers accepted for concurrent sessions also could be designated as submissions to the Journal of Marketing Management.

Conference Schedule (pdf)

2011 Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit, Boston, MA.

Theme: Direct/Interactive Marketing

Held: October 1-2, 2011 at the Boston Westin Waterfront Hotel

Hosted by: Direct Marketing Education Foundation (DMEF) Research Track

Conference Co-chairs: Dhruv Grewal, Anne L. Roggeveen Babson College.

The Summit is an annual event that provides a forum for direct/interactive marketing and database marketing topics as well as issues of interest to marketing educators. The conference focuses on marketing research and marketing education and provides presentation platforms for both. There are numerous opportunities for academics to exchange ideas and learn from their colleagues and participating industry executives.

2010 Pricing Conference

Left to right: Dhruv Grewal, Michael Levy, Anne Roggeveen, Mark Mettler, Larry Compeau, Chris Neppl, and Bryan Gildenberg.

Conference Schedule (pdf)

2010 Pricing Conference

Theme: Retail Pricing in a Global Marketplace

Held: August 11–13, 2010 at the Babson Executive Conference Center, Babson College

Hosted by: Babson College’s Retail Supply Chain Institute and William F. Glavin Center for Global Management at Babson College, and the Clarkson University School of Business

Conference Co-chairs: Dhruv Grewal, Anne L. Roggeveen and Michael Levy, Babson College, and Larry D. Compeau, Clarkson University

The 12th annual Pricing Conference, first held at Fordham University in 1998, served as a forum for practitioners and academics to come together and share ideas, inviting research papers related to various aspects of pricing and price promotions from both academic and managerial perspectives.

Papers were subject to a double-blind review process. Papers accepted for concurrent sessions also could be designated as submissions to the Journal of Product and Brand Management or for a special issue of Journal of Retailing.

2008 Thought Leadership Conference

Left to right: Dhruv Grewal, William Dankworth, Michael Levy, Leonard Schlesinger, Robert Price, Geoff Atkinson, and Britt Hackmann.

2008 Thought Leadership Conference

Theme: Customer Experience Management in Retailing

Held: April 24–26, 2008 at the Babson Executive Conference Center, Babson College

Hosted by: Babson College’s Retail Supply Chain Institute, ING Center for Financial Services at School of Business, University of Connecticut, American Marketing Association, Marketing Science Institute, and Elsevier.

Conference Co-chairs: Dhruv Grewal and Michael Levy, Babson College, and Professor V. Kumar, University of Connecticut

This conference sought to address the paramount issue of Customer Experience Management in Retailing, essentially serving as a forum for practitioners and academics to get together in different teams and brainstorm research issues and strategies concerning:

  • Understanding Customer Patronage Behavior
  • Designing Stores Operation and Delivery Service
  • Promotions and Communications
  • Managing Brands, Categories, Assortment, and SKUs
  • Supply Chain, Channel Mix and Multi-Channel Management
  • Managing Loyalty and Profitability
  • Price & Competitive Effects

The output of this collaborative effort was intended to generate fresh research ideas for a special issue of the Journal of Retailing. Participation in the conference was by invitation only and limited to about 50.​​​​​