Visiting Scholars

The Visiting Scholars Program is an important component of the Entrepreneurship Division. It offers a chance for Faculty and Visiting Scholars to collaborate on research publications and teaching materials.

This program builds teamwork and cross-school collaboration among faculty and staff which results in academic partnerships in research, case writing and other publications. Visiting Scholars have the opportunity to be engaged in the life of the school and participate in classes and work with students during their visit.

Due to the significant number inquires we receive from candidates interested in coming to the Arthur M. Blank Center as a visiting scholar, candidates are accepted based on availability and must meet a specific set of criteria.

  1. Candidates must have a doctoral degree and currently be working on research relevant to entrepreneurship
  2. Preference is given to senior faculty desiring to visit during their sabbatical
  3. Candidates must have a sponsoring faculty member within the Entrepreneurship Division
  4. Candidates must have appropriate funding and work / travel visas as necessary (Estimated processing time 3-4 months)
  5. Visitors are responsible for their own lodging during their stay
  6. Visiting Scholar applicants must also submit a research proposal outlining the research they will work on while at Babson
  7. Applicants must submit a current curriculum vita
  8. Applicants must submit one or two copies of published articles
  9. Applicants must submit a completed an application

Feel free to contact the Entrepreneurship Division or the Glavin Office of International Education with any additional questions.