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What You Want to Eat, When You Want to Eat It

When it comes to choosing a college, there’s only one thing that gets close to competing with the quality of the academics: quality of the food. That’s why it’s our goal to ensure you can find foods that fit your lifestyle and dietary needs.

Student at Trim Dining Hall

How Babson students stay fueled and caffeinated

There are plenty of places on campus to get a bite to eat. Grab breakfast, order from our campus Dunkin’ or Starbucks, spend hours with friends at Trim, and definitely don’t skip dessert!

Undergraduate Dining Destinations

From sit-down meals to grab-and-go options, dining at Babson is about ensuring you get food that tastes good, is good for you, and works with your schedule. Explore some of our favorite spots to eat around campus.

Trim Dining Hall

An all-you-can-eat-style dining hall, Trim isn’t the same-old, same-old cafeteria food. Instead, you’ll find dining stations that range from American “comfort food” to cuisine from around the world. There’s also a dedicated vegan station, a major-allergen-free area, and regional-inspired options that incorporate local produce.

At breakfast, you’ll find an omelet bar, baked goods, fresh fruit smoothies, cereals, and more. Lunch and dinner feature options like bourbon chicken, balsamic-glazed carrots, vegetable lo mein, steamed red quinoa, waffle fries, grilled veggie pizza, a salad bar, fresh soups, deli sandwiches, and more.

You can always request recipe preparation or product ingredient label information, too.

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Reynolds Campus Center

Reynolds has several dining options, including Crossroads Cafe and CREATE, which is home to the Smoothie Lab where you can get made-to-order smoothies and acai bowls. It’s also where you’ll find the Boston coffee-and-breakfast-all-day staple, Dunkin’ Donuts. Make sure to introduce yourself to the staff—and don’t be surprised when they remember your name and favorite beverage!

Roger’s Pub & Grille

Relax and socialize with friends over burgers, salads, and other traditional pub-style food or a game of pool. Roger’s has theme nights, so you’ll always find something interesting on the menu. 

Centennial Café

Located inside Horn Library’s Babson Commons, Centennial Café features We Proudly Brew Starbucks (which means you can get all the Frappuccino® drinks you want), breakfast sandwiches, sushi, housemade desserts, and pastries.

Olin Café

Olin Café, located in Olin Hall, offers favorites from all over the world. Grab a New York-style bagel at BRKFST & Co., an Italian deli sandwich (made to your liking) at Rosso Verde, stir fry at Bok Choy, and delicious Indian food at Chaat House. 

Off-Hour Dining Options

You never have to worry about waiting for the dining hall to open. If you want a late-night snack or are up studying, there is a 24-hour Smart Market in Park Manor West, offering sandwiches, salads, sushi, beverages, and snacks. There is another Smart Market located in Olin Hall, which is open late at night, and you can use your meal plan there.

Allergies, Celiac Disease, and Other Dietary Restrictions

If you have a food allergy, Celiac disease, or any other medical dietary restrictions, Babson Dining Services will work with you to ensure we support your needs. Once you arrive on campus, you’ll meet with a Babson Dining Services’ registered dietitian to understand your specific nutritional concerns.

If you have peanut or tree nut allergies, please note that Trim Dining Hall is a facility that offers a large variety of menu items that do not require nuts or nut oils, as well as menu items that do call for nuts and nut oils. Those foods are clearly identified. However, our foods are produced in an environment with shared equipment using nuts, therefore are not considered a nut-free environment. We also purchase some items that may be processed in a facility or on equipment that processes nuts.

Nutrition Counseling

In the U.S., it’s common for people to talk about the “freshman 15.” Not only is this term dated, it is a dangerous myth and doesn’t need to be another source of stress as you transition to college! If you’re concerned, you can meet at any time with Babson College Dining's registered dietitian to receive nutrition education and counseling that’s tailored specifically to meet your individual needs.

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