Language Placement Test

If you have previously studied a language and would like to continue at Babson, you will need to take a language placement test prior to entering a course.

Language placement tests are available for Spanish and French. Students wanting to take Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese should be in touch with the appropriate professor regarding placement. Professor Abdelghany (Arabic), Abramoff (Japanese), and Chen-Cristoforo (Chinese).

In order to take the placement test for French or Spanish, please click on the link below to create an account. After you complete the test, you should email Professor Allen, the Language Program Coordinator. We will then be in touch with you to inform you of your placement. Please remember that you are bound by the Babson Honor Code in taking this test.

I am taking Chinese because I would like to do business in China in the future, so an understanding of the language will be a huge asset.
Nick Johnson ’11
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