Policies and Procedures

The safety of the students, community members, and property is the utmost importance to the College. Students are encouraged to play an active role in fire prevention and security in their buildings. Violations of safety policies are considered serious and students should take extreme care to comply by all fire safety and security-related policies. Students should never prop open exterior doors, allow access to persons not familiar to them, share their OneCard, pull or force a door open and/or damage/tamper with any fire and life safety equipment.

Students living on campus are expected to pick up their room key(s) at designated check-in. All residential rooms should remain locked and students should carry their key(s) with them at all times. Keys and a OneCard may be possessed only by the person to whom the key/card was issued.

Please report any unsafe or suspicious conditions immediately to Public Safety (x5555) or Residence Education (x4438).

Health and Safety Inspections

As stated in the Undergraduate Handbook, the College may conduct health and safety inspections of campus housing during school breaks and from time to time throughout the year. Administrative personnel from Student Affairs, Facilities Management and Planning, and Public Safety partake in these inspections and inform residents of any potential violations, issues, or concerns. Please note, only issues in plain view will be addressed during the inspection process.

The purpose of the inspection is to:

  • Check all smoke detectors
  • Verify that electrical outlets are not overloaded
  • Identify appliances that do not comply with fire and life safety policies. View a list of 
  • Identify damage to the building, both in individual rooms and common areas for repair
  • Address any other situations that may present problems to the health or safety of students living on campus

Policy Violations

Even though the main purpose of the inspection is to ensure one’s safety and assess the condition of each residence hall, staff will address any policy violations that are visible during the course of the inspection and will follow up with students. Items found that are prohibited by the 2023-2024 Undergraduate Student Handbook (pdf) will be confiscated and students found to be in possession of those items will be referred to the student conduct process. A list of prohibited items can be found .

If you have any prohibited items in your room, please remove them from the residence hall. For more information regarding the policies covering health and safety inspections and fire and life safety, please see the Babson College Undergraduate Handbook or call Residence Education at x4438.

Residence Hall Damages and Billing

Damage Policy

All buildings/rooms/apartments/suites will be inspected by Facilities Management and Planning prior to students’ arrival on campus. Students only will be allowed to check into rooms/suites deemed by Facilities Management and Planning to be in move-in condition with all College furniture present. Within 72 hours of your arrival, residents have the obligation to conduct a thorough room/suite inspection and report any concerns (condition of the room/suite, furniture, maintenance needs, repairs needed) to Facilities Management and Planning via the Work Order System. Additionally, submitting a Work Order within 72 hours of your move-in date makes you eligible for the damage appeals process at the conclusion of your stay. If a Work Order is not submitted, it is understood that the room was in move-in condition upon your arrival and all furniture was present. The conditions of rooms and suites is the residents’ collective responsibility.

All rooms/apartments/suites will again be inspected after your departure. Any damages found in the room, intentional or accidental, beyond normal wear and tear and/or missing furniture, will be the responsibility of the resident/suitemates along with the corresponding damage charges.

Public areas/common rooms (halls, stairways, lounges, laundry rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) are the collective responsibility of residents of that hall, floor, room, or suite. Babson College makes every attempt to attribute damage and vandalism charges to the individual(s) responsible, but when those responsible cannot be found, all members of a suite, room, floor, or building may be charged equally for damages. It is our hope that affected residents will cooperate and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

Damage Billing

Damages will be assessed on an ongoing basis and charged to students’ accounts accordingly. View a list of ​.

The listed prices are estimates only and are subject to change without notice. Babson College reserves the right to charge more than indicated in special or extreme cases.

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