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Entrepreneurial Leadership Practice Area

The world is different than it was even a few months ago: higher risk, bigger opportunities, more value to be created. Organizations and teams that are operating successfully share a philosophy that sets them apart from those clinging to business as usual: entrepreneurial leadership.  

This business leadership style prioritizes continuous learning and smart action even when the data is incomplete. Babson Executive Education offers entrepreneurial leadership training programs that, through executive development and leadership courses, prepare your career and organization for that uncertain future. 

Entrepreneurial Leadership Is Bigger Than Business 

Entrepreneurial leaders know how to navigate uncertainty, embrace ambiguity, and solve problems. We know the entrepreneurial leadership mindset can be learned. It’s a muscle that can be strengthened and a toolkit that can be attained. As a leader in entrepreneurial leadership education, our entrepreneurial leadership courses are here to help.  

Entrepreneurial Executive Leadership Programs for All Leaders

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Entrepreneurial Leadership Professional Development Faculty

Our executive and business leadership programs are taught by faculty who bring a perspective grounded in leading research about leadership, resilience, network theory, executive development, and innovation. Our faculty thought leaders are renowned leadership education leaders, real-world practitioners, widely published, and well-connected with successful entrepreneurial leaders in diverse industries. Babson’s entrepreneurial leadership training courses and leadership development programs bring expert faculty directly to you in online and face-to-face formats, providing uncommon access, coaching, action plans for your business challenges, and networking.


We Need Entrepreneurial Leaders Now More than Ever

In a time of crisis and uncertainty, the ability for each of us to think and operate like an entrepreneur is more essential than ever, says Babson Professor Andrew Corbett.

Harvard Business Review

What Good Business Looks Like

Companies need to prepare to meet future crises with sound balance sheets, caring leadership, and genuine compassion, says Babson Professor Raj Sisodia.


Emotional Intelligence is the Secret to Leadership in Times of Crisis

Two decades of research show that emotional and social competence are essential components of effective leadership, particularly the kind of entrepreneurial leadership needed to navigate uncertainty and ambiguity.

The World Needs Entrepreneurial Leaders

The World Needs Entrepreneurial Leaders

Entrepreneurial leaders are skilled at creating the type of climate that frees people to be innovative, creative, and solve very complex problems. See how Babson’s entrepreneurial executive business leadership programs can help. 

Andrew Corbett, Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies

Andrew Corbett

Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies
One of the most cited entrepreneurship researchers in the world, Andrew Corbett is the chair of the Entrepreneurship Division at Babson College. He focuses on corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.

Wendy Murphy, Professor

Wendy Murphy

Professor of Management
Highly regarded Professor Wendy Murphy’s research, training, and teaching focuses on the area of careers: mentoring and developmental networks, identity, and the work-life interface. Her work has been widely published.

Scott Taylor, Arthur M. Blank Endowed Chair for Values-Based Leadership

Scott Taylor

Arthur M. Blank Endowed Chair for Values-Based Leadership
Award-winning researcher and professor Scott Taylor studies the various approaches organizations use to assess and develop their leaders. Taylor has taught and consulted for organizations around the world.

Susan Duffy, Executive Director, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership

Susan Duffy

Co-Faculty Director, Leadership Program for Women & Allies
Committed to creating learning experiences that change lives, Susan Duffy has designed and taught courses in entrepreneurship, management, and organizational behavior.

Phil Kim, Lewis Family Professor of Social Innovation

Phil Kim

Lewis Family Professor of Social Innovation
Internationally recognized expert on entrepreneurship Phil Kim studies, teaches, and advises on different aspects of how entrepreneurial ideas become reality. Prior to becoming an academic, he worked as a management consultant.

Jay Rao, Professor, Operations and Information Management Division

Jay Rao

Dr. Rao’s executive teaching and consulting is in the areas of innovation, implementation of innovation initiatives within firms, corporate entrepreneurship, and customer experience innovation. He teaches numerous executive education innovation courses.

Keith Rollag, Professor of Management

Keith Rollag

Professor of Management
Professor Rollag’s research delves into newcomer socialization and training, organizational culture, social networks, and leadership development. His work has been widely published in books, journals, and media outlets.

Raj Sisodia, F.W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business

Raj Sisodia

F.W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business
Founder and leader of the fast-growing, global Conscious Capitalism movement, Raj Sisodia is also the author of numerous books and articles, including 2019’s The Healing Organization: Awakening the Conscience of Business to Help Save the World.

Jane Edmonds, Vice President for Programming and Community Outreach

Jane Edmonds

Vice President for Community Outreach
Community-builder, innovator, educator, problem-solver, and entrepreneurial leader Jane C. Edmonds executes strategic programming that brings Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® to the greater Boston community.

Smaiyra Million, Director of the Diana International Research Institute

Smaiyra Million

Director of the Diana International Research Institute
Dedicated to positively influencing the ecosystem of women-founded and women-owned businesses, Smaiyra Million’s leadership creates cultures of innovation, excellence, and profitable results.

Vanessa Druskat, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior

Vanessa Druskat

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Internationally recognized expert on the role of emotion and emotional intelligence in effective leadership, Vanessa Druskat is an award-winning teacher and researcher who has authored more than 3 dozen research articles.

How to Be an Entrepreneurial Leader

Management Professor Nan Langowitz describes eight qualities of effective entrepreneurial leaders, and offers advice on how your leadership instincts can become more entrepreneurial.

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Our Entrepreneurial Leadership Professional Development Faculty in the News

Where Are the Entrepreneurial Leaders?

Although truly entrepreneurial leaders are rare, they can be found in all kinds of enterprise settings. Look for them within small, medium, and large organizations, in nonprofits, in government, in startups, and beyond. They are the managers who are always questioning the status quo. They have a burning desire to explore opportunities, to change, and to create.

2020-0611 Why Resilience is Important for Entrepreneurial Leaders

Why Resilience Is Important for Entrepreneurial Leaders

Resilience is a central capability of effective, entrepreneurial leaders. Resilient leadership is all about creating a connection with others and an overall positive tone within an organization. How does it work? It all goes back to neuroscience; the task-positive and default-mode brain networks that are highly involved in one’s ability to achieve and sustain resilience.

Office Hours: Defining and Developing Entrepreneurial Leadership

Defining and Developing Entrepreneurial Leadership

Scott Taylor brings a desire to rethink business education and to define entrepreneurial leadership for generations to come. “I’m excited about the opportunity to define more effectively what entrepreneurial leadership is from an academic standpoint,” pointing to research, science, and rigor to help measure the impact.

“The Leadership Program for Women & Allies was arguably the most impactful learning and self-exploration experience I’ve ever had.”

– Kim Perry, Vice President, Fidelity Investments

“A leadership program for the soul—it will shake and stretch you in ways you never knew possible.”

– Rachel Mosakowski, Manager, Customer Success, DocuSign Inc.

“Excellent program with very relevant learning for the professional and personal development of leaders. Very engaged and experienced teachers.”

– Renata Lopes, Siemens

Entrepreneurial Executive Leadership Courses

Entrepreneurial leadership professional development at Babson is highly personalized, giving you the action plan you need to become a more effective and entrepreneurial leader.

Executive Entrepreneurial Leadership Certificate

Executive Entrepreneurial Leadership Certificate

An entrepreneurial leadership certificate program that confers full Babson alumni benefits for life. Select elective courses for meaningful professional development.

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Influence

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Influence

Learn how to increase your leadership presence, extend your influence in teams and organizations, and effectively motivate diverse constituents.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Essentials

Entrepreneurial Leadership Essentials

Explore both the academic research and field-tested case studies of entrepreneurial leaders in action, and gain new leadership skills and techniques.

Executive Leadership Program: Owning Your Leadership

Executive Leadership Program: Owning Your Leadership

Improve the way you manage high-performing teams by building strategic relationships, setting a positive tone, being self-aware, and knowing how to network.

Navigating Volatility and Uncertainty as an Entrepreneurial Leader

Navigating Volatility and Uncertainty as an Entrepreneurial Leader

In this leadership course, learn how to become an entrepreneurial leader who can steer teams through ambiguity and make decisions effectively, even without all of the data and answers.

Resilient Leadership

Resilient Leadership

Learn how to find resilience, what recent research has taught us about developing greater resilience as an entrepreneurial leader, and how to build a resilient team in this leadership and entrepreneurship development program course.

Women’s Leadership Program: From Opportunity to Action

Leadership Program for Women & Allies

Develop a personalized, strengths-based leadership action plan, expand your sphere of influence, and gain new skills in our entrepreneurial leadership programs for women and allies.

woman teaching class

Business Analytics for Managers: Leading with Data

To be successful in fast-changing, highly competitive industries requires understanding how to recognize, interpret, summarize, and apply key data. In this executive training program, develop the business analytics skills to plan, execute, and make strategic decisions that add value to the bottom line. 

Benefit from Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership Courses 

Customize any of our entrepreneurial leadership professional entrepreneurship development programs for your team or organization. Tap into a new mindset that will help your team build shared vision and purpose, extend your influence to successfully implement growth strategies, and find new market opportunities.

Your Partner in Entrepreneurial Executive Leadership Development Programs

When the opportunities in front of you are complex and fast-moving, our team of faculty experts can help. Together, we map out where your organization is going and upskill your leadership team, taking you from reactive to resilient.

What Makes Babson Executive Education Different?

Babson Executive Education offers executive training programs in four practice areas: strategic innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, inclusive leadership, and entrepreneurship. We work with organizations and professionals around the world to turn ideas and challenges into opportunities through our business leadership programs and leadership courses. 

Our leadership development programs are about more than theory; they’re about action and equipping you with the practical tools and strategies necessary to have immediate impact on your organization or business.

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