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Interdisciplinary Thinking

At The Generator, we believe that the future of AI is not just in the hands of computer scientists—but in the collaborative efforts of experts across diverse fields. Unlike traditional AI labs, which often operate in silos, The Generator is a melting pot of action and ideas where entrepreneurship meets art and design, and technology crosscuts with the humanities. Our experience has shown that this convergence of diverse expertise leads to solutions that are more creative, inclusive, and effective for innovators of all kinds. Here, interdisciplinary collaboration is not just an option—it’s the bedrock of our approach.

Design Process

Entrepreneurial AI

As the #1 school for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Leadership, Babson is uniquely positioned to seize upon the emerging AI-age. AI is the single most important technological, societal, ethical, and business innovation issue of our time. The Generator unites Babson’s faculty, students, and alumni, as well as Babson’s industry partners and global collaborators, to understand entrepreneurial opportunities and risks in the AI landscape.

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