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The Collaborative Commitment

To ensure that all members are similarly committed and engaged, membership requires an application process. Applications are reviewed by the Babson Academy leadership team. All information submitted as part of the application process is treated confidentially.

Application Deadlines: April 1, July 1, November 1

If accepted, institutions are expected to maintain ongoing, meaningful, and active participation in the Collaborative, which includes sending at least one representative to the Collaborative annual global summit, held every March or April.

Membership Fee 

The three-year membership is $15,000 per year billed annually in advance of the date on the agreement.

Application Process

» Download the application package (application, self-audit forms, and sample support letter)

» Complete the application including:

  • Description of your institution
  • Current entrepreneurship education status
  • Goals for membership in the Babson Collaborative
  • Discussion of institutional commitment to entrepreneurship and more

» Complete the Babson Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem Self-Audit

The self-audit will help to better understand a prospective member's development needs. The audit also is used to ensure that membership is the right fit for both the institution and the overall Collaborative community. 

» Obtain a letter of support from the president (or equivalent) of your institution

» When ready, upload the completed application package (application, self-audit form, and support letter)

What Happens Next?

Once your application is received you can expect the following:

  • The Babson Collaborative leadership team will review all materials and conduct their own due diligence of the institution. They may require additional information.
  • The applying institution will be notified of a decision via email. If accepted, the Babson Collaborative director will schedule a meeting to discuss in detail, the many benefits of membership, the platforms for member engagement and networking, and tips for gaining the highest value from membership.

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