One of the most popular areas of study at Babson, our finance concentration is varied and vast.

Because of that, we offer three learning paths for undergraduate students. Those paths—corporate advisory, corporate financial management, and investments—are informed guides so students can structure their studies how they want. You leave Babson with not only the strong business foundation a finance job requires but a specialized knowledge set to get the job you want.

Financial services, which includes real estate, corporate finance, consulting, and banking, is a top field for our graduates (over one-fourth of our undergraduates go into the field), and our concentration provides the foundation of both business fundamentals and liberal arts critical thinking you need to start your career path. You will build out your accounting, management, analytical, and interpersonal skills and have opportunities to witness (and make) real financial impact while interning. You also can take advantage of resources and events from the Stephen D. Cutler Center for Investments and Finance.  

Course Spotlight

FIN 4520/4521 – Babson College Fund

This two-semester course puts the power into your hands. In the Babson College Fund, you and your classmates manage a portion of the Babson College endowment, applying the financial modeling skill you learn in earlier courses. You gain networking experiences, as well as proficiency in data analysis tools. Learning the basics of security analysis and portfolio management, you are building out your tangible skills, ideally for a career in investing. 

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