Accounting and Law Division, Luksic Hall

Accounting & Law


Educate Babson students to understand and use accounting and law to think entrepreneurially and take action globally to create economic and social value.

As a division, we are focused on our students’ needs and goals at all levels of disciplinary depth.

Our Goals Are:

  1. to provide fundamental knowledge and rigorous understanding of accounting and law concepts enabling all students at an introductory level to develop effective entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving, and
  2. to embed advanced accounting and law topics into a broader landscape enabling our upper-level students to be and maintain an entrepreneurial openness and a global mindset.

Toward these ends, we embrace research and pedagogy that incorporate Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® (ET&A™), Social, Environmental, Economic Responsibility, and Sustainability (SEERS), and a global perspective with our disciplinary interests. We encourage integration with other disciplines in deliberate and substantive ways. We strive for classrooms and intellectual pursuits that are engaging, energetic, and collaborative.

Beyond the classrooms on the Wellesley, Boston, and Miami campuses, division faculty members are teaching executives around the globe.

Financial Accounting

The Financial Accounting group of Babson College’s Division of Accounting and Law contributes to a well-rounded management education. We focus on the rigorous understanding of financial reporting concepts and methods in a context that thoroughly integrates creating and growing a business, corporate strategy, economic conditions, and ethical issues. Our graduates are fully informed users of financial statements and have a thorough and deep understanding of the financial implications of management decisions.

Students who pursue careers in finance and corporate strategy gain thorough accounting knowledge and high-powered analytical skills combined with a broad management perspective to prepare them for success in a wide-ranging variety of roles, from CFOs, to consultants, to entrepreneurs.

Students who pursue careers in public accounting have a complete offering of courses, and they may further their education in accounting.

Management Accounting

Management accounting at Babson College educates students to develop the skills to judge the financial feasibility of ideas for launching new businesses or for redesigning existing ones, to create business plans that make money, and to grow profitable and sustainable ventures. Babson’s management accounting education takes place in a dynamic and experiential learning environment where future leaders are imbued with Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®.

Babson’s integrated curriculum gives students an appreciation for the strategic context of management accounting. World class faculty brings practice-based research and relevant real world experience into the classroom. Within this rich environment, students learn to use practical management accounting tools, techniques, and frameworks to analyze and communicate financial and non-financial information to evaluate opportunities, assess performance, and allocate resources in the entrepreneurial, corporate and not for profit environments.


Legal study at Babson emphasizes the importance of well considered thought and action for entrepreneurs in any size organization anywhere in the world around four themes:

  • The law can be used to build value for their business using contracts, patents, trademarks and other legal tools.
  • Legal concerns should be the first consideration (but not the last) of what conduct is ethical and socially responsible.
  • Knowledge of law is essential for identifying and managing business risks including litigation, regulation and even criminal prosecution.
  • Successful business leaders are engaged in the proactive management of their evolving legal environment.
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