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Bring Your Experience to Life with Graduate Student Leadership Activities

Build leadership skills in all areas of your life through graduate leadership programs while studying at Babson.

Put your entrepreneurial leadership skills into action by getting involved in leadership activities for graduate students across Babson’s campus and beyond. Join the leadership team on one of Babson’s many campus clubs and organizations or launch a new one. Participate as a non-voting member of a nonprofit board through the Babson Board Fellows program. Help to enhance your graduate community as a Community Development Representative or by running for Graduate Student Council.  

Graduate Leadership Lab

Gain the support you need to grow as an entrepreneurial leader and thrive in student leadership programs through the Leadership Lab. Attend sessions on timely leadership topics and participate in interactive workshops arranged by Graduate Student Life and Leadership.

Apply to Spring Leadership Lab Workshops

If you decide to take a leadership role within a Babson club, you can contact the Leadership Lab at the end of your fall semester to apply to a series of monthly interactive workshops and peer discussion groups geared toward developing advanced leadership skills and supporting leadership activities for college students. This student leadership program is designed to expand the possibilities of what you can accomplish in your leadership role within Babson clubs, forums, or other student leadership activities.

Sample Workshops

Attend a Leadership Lab workshop, available once a month, to help you lead more entrepreneurially. You’ll come away with tools and actionable insights like a skills assessment, action plan, and leadership story. Here’s just a sample of the kinds of opportunities you can expect from Babson’s graduate leadership program.

Learn a framework for understanding the real power of your strengths, how they work together, and how they can help you in your leadership role from such experts as Sara Regan, president and founder of Strengths Now Inc. Set the foundation for crafting your leadership action plan and reflecting on your leadership philosophy.

As a leader, you may encounter conversations around topics—identity, politics, salary, change, etc.—that you find difficult to talk about. Get techniques to handle these discussions more skillfully from Babson faculty. Learning how to approach these conversations with a spirit of inquiry, balancing advocacy and empathy, will make you a better leader.

As a student leader, you may often find yourself in a position of having to direct and delegate to your peers. Learn how to manage, work, and lead when you don’t have formal authority over the people involved from people who have been through it.

During these lunches, you can share and reflect with your cohort about your leadership action plan and how the skills and tools from the workshops are working for you.

Class and Section Representatives

Class and Section Representative positions are available for the One Year MBA, Two Year MBA, MSEL, and MSBA full-time cohorted programs. Students in this position are responsible for providing a formal link between their peers and Babson’s faculty and administration. Representatives connect with their section and provide feedback about courses, coursework, etc. to the administration and faculty involved in the program to create an environment of openness and transparency, and to influence positive change.

Student Leadership Initiative Fund (SLIF) Student Committee

The SLIF is a fund available to graduate students to support their leadership endeavors while promoting the Babson brand by providing financial support to attend external conferences, case competitions, and more. The SLIF has a student committee made up of student representatives who evaluate applications for funding to attend these events, select the student opportunities they see the most value in, and award the funding accordingly. Being a chair/committee member through this student leadership program is a great way to exercise your entrepreneurial leadership skills and work as a team to enhance the graduate community.

Graduate Student Life and Leadership Staff

The Graduate Student Life and Leadership (GLL) staff helps students create an enriching, engaging graduate experience that includes a range of signature and student-led events, clubs, forums, and leadership opportunities to help you make the Babson experience your own.

Kate Buckman

Director, Graduate Student Life and Leadership

Kate Buckman manages cocurricular and student life activities for the Graduate School. Working closely with the Graduate Student Council, Buckman supports graduate students in designing their Babson experience. She is particularly interested in the value of creative thinking to the entrepreneurial mindset.

Katherine Worthington

Associate Director, Graduate Student Life and Leadership

Katherine Worthington creates and executes programs and projects to build cocurricular engagement opportunities for all graduate students. She helps foster student and campus engagement to enhance and support the graduate student experience. As part of her role, she works closely with graduate club leaders and forums on their events and programs.

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