The Marketing Division at Babson College has a very broad and strategic view of marketing in the context of the overall enterprise.

According to Peter Drucker, “If we want to know what a business is, we have to start with its purpose … There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer.” Creating a customer is central to what we teach and research in the marketing division here at Babson College. For us, marketing is more than a function; it is a customer-centric, enterprise-wide set of processes, systems, and activities that connect firms and customers in a dynamic global marketplace.

The interdisciplinary marketing curriculum is comprised of courses that capture the foundational elements of the traditional marketing concept while also engaging the student with 21st century elements of the digital world and increasing stakeholder involvement. From understanding the consumer decision-making process to utilizing marketing metrics for assessment and continuous improvement, students in marketing are exposed to a wide-range of marketing topics. Explore our undergraduate and graduate marketing courses.

This interdisciplinary marketing curriculum is delivered by an eclectic group of marketing scholars who bring a tradition of global scholarship and action-based learning to the marketing classroom. Our marketing professors are known worldwide for their excellence in teaching and research. During any given year, Babson marketing professors might be speaking to students, scholars, and/or practitioners in Australia, Austria, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Africa and Japan, just to name a few. This passion for sharing is reflected not only in our travels in which we deliver value worldwide, but also in our ever-expanding list of publications in top business journals. To find out more about our faculty members, please feel free to peruse our individual faculty profiles.

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