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Peter Cohan, Lecturer of Strategy and Srini Rangan, Professor of Management, have recently published Capital Rising: How Capital Flows are Changing Business Systems All Over the World, through Palgrave Macmillan.

Allan Cohen, Professor of Management, latest book with David Bradford (Stanford Univ.), Influencing Up, (Wiley) was recently published and is already being translated into Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. Allan is now the Babson’s faculty member on the ground in San Francisco, having moved permanently in June. He will be teaching full time in the Fast Track program.

Danna Greenberg, Professor of Management, along with Kate McKone-Sweet and Jim Wilson, have published The New Entrepreneurial Leader, an edited book by Babson faculty that describes how Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® and Social, Environmental, Economic Responsibility and Sustainability (SEERS) are being integrated into the Babson Curriculum. Division Faculty who authored chapters include James Hunt, Nan Langowitz, Keith Rollag, and Karen Maccaro.

James Hunt, Associate Professor of Management and Joe Weintraub, Professor of Management, have completed the 3rd Edition of their best-selling book The Coaching Manager through Sage Publications. Pepsico has adopted this book to help develop coaching skills in all of their managers worldwide. James and Danna Greenberg had a recently published book chapter, “Developing entrepreneurial leaders - intergrating entrepreneurship education and organizational behavior in the first year” in Evolving Entrepreneurial Education: Innovation in the Babson Classroom, edited by Victoria Crittenden, Kathryn Esper, Nathaniel Karst and Rosa Slegers, published 2015 by Emerald Press.

Nan Langowitz, Professor of Management, and Babson co-author Mary Godwyn, Associate Professor of Sociology, were awarded the Best Paper Award for their work “Challenging Stereotypes: The Impact of Organizations in Shaping Individual Responses to Prejudice,” presented at the 5th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference (July 2012) in Toulouse, France.

Tina Opie, Assistant Professor of Management, recently launched her research website: uses videos, photos, independent research and blogging to explore how identity cues (i.e., chosen hairstyle) impact perceptions of professionalism in the workplace. Here you’ll find an ongoing series of resources that will help individuals manage their professional image and understand the psychology behind their personal hair dilemmas. Further, organizations will gain insight into how hair politics connect to organizational issues such as recruiting, workplace engagement, commitment, and performance. Professor Opie was recently quoted in the Washington Post.

Srini Rangan, Luksic Chair Professor of Strategy and Global Studies, co-authored with Shanker Singham and Robert Bradley a study on the effect of anti-competitive market distortions (ACMDs) on global markets which was published in Concurrences, Competition and Law Journal in 2014. His article co-authored with Dr. Sam Hariharan on integrating the teaching of strategic analysis, entrepreneurship, and sustainability was published in The International Journal of Sustainability Education in 2013. Rangan’s paper (“Entrepreneurial Globalization: Lessons from the Off-shoring Experiences of European Firms”) co-authored with Peter Schumacher appeared as a chapter in an edited book (The Offshoring Challenge: Strategic Design and Innovation in Tomorrow’s Organization) published by Springer in 2013. His fourth book co-authored with Dr. K. Subramanian (Thriving in the 21st Century Economy: Transformational Skills For Technical Professionals) was published by ASME Press in 2013.​

Keith Rollag (along with Babson Colleague Sinan Erzurumlu) received the 2013 Journal of Innovative Education Best Teaching Brief Award for their publication entitled “Increasing Student Interest and Engagement with Business Cases by Turning Them into Consulting Exercises” (VOL.11, No. 4).

Bruce D. Thibodeau and co-author, DBA supervisor Charles-Clemens Rüling, have published “Nonprofit Organizations, Community, and Shared Urgency: Lessons from the Arts and Culture Sector” in The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society (Volume 45, Issue 3, 2015) available through open access at​ Taylor & Francis Online​.

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