Global & Regional Studies

Our global and regional studies concentration provides the analytical skills you need to participate as a socially responsible global citizen and to operate effectively in a globalized business environment.

Embracing a variety of disciplinary perspectives, this concentration combines the deep understandings of cultural and socio-economic developments at the regional level with an exploration of the contours of the global community, especially through understanding global processes that impact specific regions or address specific problems. That includes courses on decolonization and revolution, global politics, global gender politics, and climate change.

This concentration is particularly useful for students interested in international consulting and international development, and students tend to pair it with entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, marketing, or strategic management concentrations, as an informed global mindset is an asset to any organization.

Course Spotlight

LIT 4682 – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights

Art is a critical part of society, offering an avenue for self- and community expression, as well as a way to preserve and learn history. How it interacts with societal challenges remains an integral part in addressing said crises. This course examines challenges to international human rights law from military and technological developments, mass migration, and climate change, paying special attention to the role of literature, film, and other art forms in addressing these challenges.

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