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Accelerate Growth with B-AGILE—Leadership Training for Managers & High-Potential Employees

Strengthen your organization with a corporate accelerator that doubles as a development opportunity for high-potential employees and/or mid-level managers.

In this seven-session leadership training for managers, you can enhance your team’s business acumen, entrepreneurial thinking, and leadership skills—and address a specific challenge or project within your organization.

(I learned) to keep it all in mind that with each project, email, or coaching conversation I have, we need to drive innovation through our communication and open up the lines of communication to make sure we are all on the same page.”

How It Works

B-AGILE (Babson Accelerator for Growth, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Leadership) is a customizable, seven-session corporate leadership program. Through a combination of interactive case studies, group discussions, and team projects, participants will learn:

  • New ways to approach and solve difficult problems
  • Proven entrepreneurial methods of assessing and mitigating risk
  • Practical techniques for leading with empathy and inclusivity

Your team will have weekly 90-minute interactive sessions over the course of seven weeks. Each session focuses on a specific topic of your choice, and most sessions include an interactive case study and class discussion customized with content specific to your organization. Many sessions also include team project work and breakout sessions—with the opportunity to report out findings.

Every new person we meet and talk to helps build a two-way understanding that we so fervently believe in. Initiatives such as B-AGILE increase this mutual understanding and help better prepare our workforces for the uncertain future.”

Claire Cronin
U.S. Ambassador to Ireland

Customize Your Curriculum

You’ll choose six 90-minute sessions from any of the topics below. A Babson Faculty Director will work with you to select sessions and customize content. Babson experts also can custom-build topics to meet your exact needs. If desired, your curriculum can help your organization address a particular challenge or project. In the seventh session, participants make final presentations to senior leadership.

Choose Six Session Topics

This corporate accelerator, B-AGILE leadership training for managers and high-potential employees, is available across seven broad areas. Each bulleted session topic within these areas represents a 90-minute session. All sessions will implement business cases, scenarios, and more that are specific to your organization.

  • Business Models—Creating Value
  • Metrics That Matter
  • Communicating Like Aristotle: Storytelling in the Age of Technology
  • Finance for Nonfinancial Professionals
  • Making and Implementing Strategic Decisions
  • Negotiations and Difficult Conversations
  • Diversity and the Bottom Line
  • Managing in a Diverse Workforce
  • Actionable Allyship: Part 1 and 2
  • Entrepreneuring Inclusion
  • Advancing Ideas
  • Design Thinking
  • Experiment to Scale
  • Creating Teams of Scientific Problem-Solvers
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence: Leading Through Influence
  • Leading with Empathy: Resonant Leadership
  • Lean Operations
  • Agile Operations
  • Controlling Your Career Brand
  • Enhancing Your Political IQ: Navigating Corporate Politics
  • Imposter Syndrome: Silencing Your Inner Critic
  • Tapping into Resilience Through Personal Mastery

Get Sample Program Schedules

Example 1: Leading with Authenticity
Week 1 Entrepreneurial Leadership
Week 2 Entrepreneuring Inclusivity
Week 3 Resonant Leadership: Leading with Empathy
Week 4 Emotional Intelligence: Leading Through Relationships
Week 5 Communicating Like Aristotle: Storytelling and the Culture of Innovation
Week 6 Negotiations and Difficult Conversations
Week 7 Presentations of Projects to the Leadership Team
Example 2: Building Innovation
Week 1 Entrepreneurial Leadership
Week 2 Experiment to Scale
Week 3 Design Thinking
Week 4 Lean and Agile Operations
Week 5 Building Teams of Scientific Problem-Solvers
Week 6 Advancing Ideas
Week 7 Presentations of Projects to the Leadership Team
Example 3: Business Acumen
Week 1 Finance for Non-Financial Professionals
Week 2 Making and Implementing Strategic Decisions
Week 3 Entrepreneurial Leadership
Week 4 Emotional Intelligence: Leading Through Relationships
Week 5 Resonant Leadership: Leading with Empathy
Week 6 Lean and Agile Operations
Week 7 Presentations of Projects to the Leadership Team

(I learned) to focus on bright spots when a problem arises. How to identify the bright spots and find ways to replicate and scale them elsewhere.”

Ask Us about the Corporate Accelerator

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(I learned) to assist the company in heading in the direction we all collectively want to head in. I plan to use the techniques I’ve learned in this program to create a new SOP/Culture and move forward so we can get over the threshold of a small company to a big company.”

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