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Babson may be a business school, but it’s also a campus where you will find the renowned Weissman Foundry, a thriving arts community, a Writing Center, and a ceramics studio.

The literary and visual arts concentration features active engagement with a range of literary, visual, musical, and creative arts. These courses challenge you to think and write with increased depth, independence, and creativity about how the arts express and shape individuals as well as cultural experiences and identities.

You also explore how the arts inspire joy while educating and enriching. You should expect to study formal, aesthetic concerns, as well as the artistic process as a dynamic and strategic series of expressive choices. A portion of Babson undergraduates go into the arts and entertainment industries after graduating, among other creative pursuits.

Course Spotlight

FLM 4610 – Work, Play, and Adulthood in American Movies

How adulthood, success, and leisure is defined shifts as generations and mindsets evolve. American films, and pop culture more broadly from the 20th and 21st century, provide context and representation for those changing viewpoints. This course is discussion-heavy, so you gain greater societal and cinematic understanding while developing your leadership, speaking, and listening skills. 

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