Business Analytics

The role of data in everyday business decisions continues—and will continue—to expand.

From project and product management to human resources to marketing and operations, every organization can use an analyst. The business analytics concentration is designed to teach you data and analytical techniques to improve the decision-making process in a business environment, with a heavy emphasis on problem-solving skills.

You gain insights into concepts related to data collection, validation, and organization, as well as advanced analytical techniques to extract insights from data and modeling decisions based on machine learning, statistics, optimization, predictive modeling, forecasting, and visualization. You have opportunities to take courses in AI, software design, and web technologies (some even with our neighbor Olin College of Engineering) alongside studying risk management and market research.

Course Spotlight

QTM 2622 – Sports Applications of Mathematics

Go beyond sabermetrics and fantasy football. As the role data plays in athletes becomes more prominent, statisticians become even more integral to a team’s roster. In this course, you dive deep into the quantitative principles, including probability, optimization, ranking, validation, and risk/reward judgments, that affect athletes, owners, trainers, administrators, and even fans. You use software packages to simulate real-world situations.

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