International Business Environment

The international business environment concentration provides a “macro” view of markets and institutions in the global economy.

The foundational courses focus on an understanding of global markets and institutions. The concentration lets you combine courses in broader areas of economic development, regional business environment, international law, management, marketing, trade, and finance with supplemental coursework in related international subjects such as language studies, history, politics, and culture.

With that mix of courses, you prepare for careers in international market analysis such as consulting, international commercial and investment banking, portfolio analysis and risk assessment, new market development, international business consulting, and international business law.

Course Spotlight

ECN 3645 – Business and Economic Policy in Developing Countries

Research and understanding of the economic development of countries continues to evolve, and this course explores the societal forces behind country development, poverty, and generational wealth and their causal effect. You explore macroeconomic poverty traps such as conflict and geography and microeconomic poverty traps such as poor nutrition and health, low educational endowments, and incomplete markets.  

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