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Each group is initiated and pitched by students to the Graduate Student Council. Successful ideas become officially recognized graduate clubs and are run by a graduate student leadership team that is fully invested in the mission.


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Issac Lewis
I helped organize the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum and contributed to the speaker engagement team. I had the opportunity to communicate with a number of very successful entrepreneurs. It helped me develop my communication skills and gave me experience in reaching out to new people and introducing myself (something you learn to do a lot at Babson).”
Isaac Lewis MSEL’19
Project Engineer, Z Modular, Co-Founder, ANCORE Health & Fitness

Babson Graduate Student Clubs

Graduate student clubs at Babson foster entrepreneurial leadership and always rise to meet the unique needs of Babson students. We have many, long standing clubs that have been a part of the Grad School for decades, such as the Grad Latin Club and Babson Women in Business. But the full list of clubs is always changing as new clubs are initiated and older ones evolve in new ways. In truly entrepreneurial fashion, our clubs are continually proving sustainability and viability to the Grad School community.

Babson Acceleration Club

The Babson Acceleration Club gives entrepreneurs who have a Babson connection access to acceleration events and external investors. Our student-led Business Acceleration Program allows entrepreneurs to grow their entrepreneurial mindset and venture business. Annual events include a BAC-sponsored pitch competition.

Babson Analytics Club

The Babson Analytics Club advances the education, careers, and community of Babson students interested in data, analytics, and machine learning, across industries and functions. Annual events include a panel on careers in analytics, python workshops, and an annual Hackathon in partnership with the company Wayfair.

Babson Cultural Exchange Club

The Cultural Exchange Club is concerned with enriching grad students’ understanding and awareness about other cultures. Our activities range from cultural talks to occasion based events to site visits.

Babson Design Thinking Club

The Babson Design Thinking Club helps students instill design thinking into the entrepreneurial thought processes taught at Babson (Babson’s ET&A) and sets students up to carry this design thinking into their careers and businesses. Our annual events include design thinking challenges and speaker series.

Babson Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Club

The Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Club is concerned with: exploring the option of acquiring a business instead of starting one from scratch. We organize talks, conferences, bring in speakers around how acquisitions work. We benefit the Babson community by showing there are more ways to be an entrepreneur than starting a startup. 

Babson European Graduate Club

The Babson European Graduate Club fosters relationships among European students, and cultivates and strengthens Babson’s brand awareness in Europe. Regular events include monthly social and networking sessions for our members and alumni.

Babson Family Business Club

The Babson Family Business Club provides a forum that promotes interconnectivity between students with family businesses and other family businesses. Our regular events include secret society lunches and a start-of-semester kickoff event.

Babson Food and Agriculture Technology Club

Food is everyone's business. The Babson Food and Agriculture Technology Club is a platform for all Babson students aspiring to pursue a career or startup in food. Our annual events include the Boston Food Walking Tour and Babson Food and Ag Tech startup panel.

Babson Graduate Finance Club

The Babson Graduate Finance Club enhances financial expertise and skills for all students at Babson—the world's future entrepreneurial leaders. Our dream is for every Babson graduate to be fluent in finance and ready to work on day one after graduation. Annual events include finance seminars with Babson faculty and alumni.

Babson Graduate Golf Club

The Babson Graduate Golf Club offers a friendly and welcoming opportunity for Babson graduate students to play golf, network, and socialize. We support tomorrow's business leaders through the pursuit of golf excellence—a common networking tool. We organize regular outings to play at local golf courses.

Babson Graduate Running Club

The Graduate Running Club is concerned with the recreation, mindfulness and health of every student. We bring grad students together interested in running to set weekly running goals and participate in group runs. Our events include organized group runs both at Babson and in the Boston area.

Babson Graduate Soccer Club

At the Babson Graduate Soccer Club, we believe that playing soccer helps students generate a great sense of companionship and build a strong sense of team spirit, which we carry into all other extracurricular activities. Our club practices weekly and participates in MBA soccer tournaments.

Babson Healthcare and Life Sciences Club

The Babson Healthcare and Life Sciences Club gathers a community of like-minded students who have an interest in all things related to healthcare and the Life Sciences. Our annual events include a club welcome event and a presentation about landing a job in healthcare.

Babson India Graduate Club

The Babson India Graduate Club builds a robust network of the Indian diaspora at Babson through academic and cultural events. Our annual events include welcome events for Indian graduate students, and a Diwali party.

Babson Latin American Club

The Babson Latin American Club brings together the LATAM community, including students, faculty, alumni, and other LATAM clubs from the Boston area. We put our very own stamp of leadership, professionalism, and innovation on the effort. Our annual events include the LATAM Halloween Party and guest speaker events.

Babson Manufacturing Club

The Babson Manufacturing Club builds and maintains a network of people with backgrounds and interest in manufacturing and operations. We increase the graduate community’s access to the manufacturing industry by organizing seminars, workshops, annual company site visits, and an annual networking event.

Babson Marketing Club

The Babson Marketing Club creates thought-provoking events and networking opportunities for all students interested in the multiple facets of marketing. Our annual events and programs include an industry expert speaker series and the P&G Marketing Challenge flagship event.

Babson Net Impact Graduate Club

The Babson Net Impact Graduate Club is a global community of students and professionals who want to build a more just and sustainable world. We help students create impact beyond individual actions, grow their networks, and accelerate their professional growth. Our annual events include a speaker series and case competitions.

Babson Out Network

The Out Network is a community for the LGBTQ+ identifying graduate students and active allies. Our mission is to foster a sense of inclusion, advocate for diversity, and provide visibility for our community. Our annual events include networking and a diversity and inclusion alumni panel discussion.

Babson Partners’ Club

The Babson Partners’ Club supports students, their partners, companions, and families in adjusting to life at Babson and finding friends to share the Babson adventure with. Our annual events include Partners Orientation and the partners’ holiday party.

Babson Real Estate Club

The Babson Real Estate Club develops student interest in the real estate industry through conversation with experts, networking, and training in technical skills relevant to the industry. Our annual events include site visits to current development projects, alumni fireside chats, and personal real estate investing seminars.

Babson Sustainability and Energy Club

The Babson Sustainability and Energy Club works to focus Babson’s energy toward making the world a better place for generations to come. We believe in the power of disruption and innovation to enact positive social and environmental change. Annual events include alumni fireside chats, panels, and the Sustainability Forum.

Babson Tech Club

The Babson Tech Club offers practical knowledge, networking opportunities within the industry, and exposure to new trends in tech. Our goal is to help prepare the tech leaders of the future. Our annual events include a No Code Workshop and guest speakers about fintech and banking online.

Babson Thai Graduate Club

The Thai Graduate Club is concerned with exchanging Thai culture and strengthening relationships among the Babson community. We aim to share the Thai economic outlook with the Babson community by bringing in guest speakers. We also aim to facilitate a smooth transition to Babson for incoming graduate students from Thailand. Our annual events include a Thai Party and club meet-ups. 

Babson Toastmasters Club

Babson Toastmasters Club is a chapter of Toastmasters International and concerned with giving a platform to graduate students to hone skills of public speaking & leadership & to create a pool of mentors and public speakers that help fellow toastmasters to grow and become world-class public speakers. Our annual events include a story crafting session with a world champion speaker from Toastmasters and Toastmaster networking events.

Babson Veterans Club

The Babson Veterans Club is a community of U.S. and foreign undergraduate, graduate, and executive education program students who are committed to providing resources and support to veterans and their families at Babson College. Our annual events include a Veterans Day Luncheon and monthly social events.

Babson Women in Business Club

The Babson Women in Business Club creates opportunities for female-identifying students to develop and reach their professional goals. We generate awareness of the role of women professionals in business and provide platforms for women’s perspectives and issues. Our annual events include Babson Women Connect.

Black Graduate Club

The Black Graduate Club fosters community among historically underrepresented students and leads in the creation of wealth-building throughout our careers as students, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Our annual events include the Welcome Back Party and Black History Month events.

The Babson Consulting Club

The Babson Consulting Club shares consulting methodologies with students, facilitates networking for alumni, and helps students understand the full range of opportunities post-Babson. Our annual events include consulting panels and seminars about the consulting interview process.

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Create a new organization. One of the many leadership opportunities you have as a graduate student at Babson is to imagine, pitch, and build a new graduate club. There’s even a professional development training and support program to help you succeed in your new leadership role.

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